Last Team Standing

  • Hi guys , some people for a true last team standing tomorrow at 17.00 Pm?

  • not 1vs1 , team vs team

  • @himaking10 just add TGL Vader and ask him to join some TGL lts we do it all the time

  • I was on with TGL Vader last night. Had some good fights, but they were mostly in FFA coz I couldn’t find a LTS game.

    I noticed hardly anyone plays pub LTS on XB1, or at least whenever I’m on, nobody else seems to be. Is this normal for the XB version?

    Only coz PS4 LTS is still quite popular(ish)

  • @Blazed Depends on the time of day. But for pubs on Xbox team objective, team deathmatch and ffa are more popular.

  • thank you error i’ll do it

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