Combined feedback and bug reports from 1st alpha build, Sept. 29th – Oct. 3rd

  • Following are the notes I’ve taken during my testing of the first alpha build, running from September 29th through October 3rd, 2016.

    My in-game name was \\\\\\\\.

    Any points not included here were reported by me in game, with a developer present.

    I suggest going over the chat logs, as many players mentioned their problems through the in-game chat, yet may not make a forum post about them.

    Classes and Balance:

    • Ability cooldowns should be either fully reset or cut by X seconds upon re-spawn. Occasionally a team will be spawn camped, and among other things, this change would help prevent spawn camping.

    • Ability interruptions should not cause an ability to go into cool-down if the ability was not fully used.


    Very fun class, my most played toward the end of the first alpha period.

    I saw many complaints about lack of mobility and inability to escape melee encounters. This is mostly a problem in open areas. If there is a nearby wall, one can easily exercise some parkour skills and dodge incoming attacks until your escape ability cools down.

    Some have suggested giving the Alchemancer a dagger for parrying. I disagree. This class should be focused on mobility, not parrying. Perhaps include some sort of charge mechanic that can be built through attacks to trigger a reset on an active movement ability cooldown, to aid escape while in open areas.

    • LMB Fireball:

    Power is acceptable, range might be a bit high right now. I’d reduce the range, maybe enough to hit a ground target from the top of the central structure in Sunken City.

    • Levitate:

    Occasionally a dud, only levitating the Alchemancer a few feet off the ground. When properly functioning, in-air movement speed could use a boost, as its current value makes the Alchemancer a sitting duck for projectiles.

    • RMB Dodge:

    Timing to reflect projectiles is not intuitive. Perhaps move the contact point closer to the player model, as is the case with the other classes.


    Playing this class makes tracking your team much easier due to the floating green bars. See UI notes.

    • Healing Grenade:

    Self-overhealing with this ability grants 115 health, making the Entropist a very tough target. Reduce the self-overheal value.

    • Magic Carpet 2.0:

    Parrying is very difficult at current turn speed. Increase the turn speed.


    Another fun class, one of my most played; perhaps a bit overpowered. Mace animation can at times be tough to read.

    • Boulder Toss:

    I like the physics of this skill. Hitbox seems a bit too small for its model size.

    • Charge:

    Could use a damage increase.

    Some players did not know that this ability can be aimed up or down. Perhaps include a bit about aiming it in the ability description.

    • Explosive Punch:

    Often difficult to connect, very satisfying when it hits. Occasionally seems to hit beyond its model range. Could be due to the effects of lag.

    • Whirlwind:

    This ability is too easily interrupted. Not sure how it could be changed other than adding a small percentage chance to ignore parries.

    • Leap Slam:

    A great lead-in to Whirlwind. I found it is best used to leap short walls for a surprise attack.

    • Shove:

    Used only a few times, seemed extremely weak.


    • Mines:

    Difficult to parry during combat, often because they are thrown behind your character, without being noticed.

    • Hookshot:

    A satisfying skill which could use a slight cooldown reduction.


    The spear animation needs a lot of work, very difficult to read. Seems like it has only a few frames, much like the spears in Chivalry. This was a common complaint in the game chat box.

    • Surge:

    Could use some team colors so players know which to parry if the ability is being used by both teams.


    Spinning LMB attacks are very difficult to read, many players don’t know which sword to parry. This problem becomes even worse when a player adds alternate swings into their combos.

    • Blade Whip:

    Cooldown is a bit long at 30 seconds for only 1 ranged attack. Perhaps lower the cooldown to 20 or 25 seconds.


    • Bazaar:

    On the left side of the left path leading out of attacker’s first spawn, the outer side of the wall near the end can not be vaulted in my testing. There is a similar wall near water, between the capture points, in front of the bridge, which also can not be vaulted.

    • Falcon Ridge:

    My favourite map of the bunch. Many places for ambushes, nice aesthetic.

    • Sunken City:

    Sniping from the top of the large central building as Alchemancer or Entropist is fun. Don’t restrict access to the roof.

    Decrease the collision area of the portal to prevent accidental teleportation while trying to maneuver the top area.

    • Courtyard:

    A classic 2Fort style map. Looks very nice. Bit stale after playing 2Fort variations in so many games over the years.

    User Interface:

    • Ability to move and re-size UI elements would be very helpful to uses with large monitors or multi-monitor setups.

    • Players sorted on scoreboard by kills, not points; perhaps intentional? Sorting by points might encourage better team play.

    • Team indicator triangles can be tough to spot on certain backgrounds. I suggest giving them dynamic color, to darken against light colored backgrounds. See Entropist notes.


    • 3rd person camera goes through walls, making fights in tight areas very difficult.

    General Bugs:

    • MAJOR 20-30 FPS drops during heavy action and near artifact and the cart. Using an overclocked 4790k, an R9 290, and the latest 16.9.2 beta drivers, with most graphical settings on LOW.

    • Logitech mouse software automatic profile switching not working for Mirage; have to set profile to persistent. This is probably a problem with the Logitech software and not the game, I figured I’d mention it anyway.

    • Rebinding abilities to extra mouse buttons did not work on my Logitech mouse when the buttons were set to number keys in the mouse software. I set the buttons to the 1-4 keys (tried NUMPAD and the number row keys) and when I tried to bind them in-game by pressing the mouse buttons, the game either did not register the key presses or registered the wrong key, for example: NUMPAD 7 registered as PGUP and NUMPAD 1 as PGDN. Setting the buttons to use Q, E, etc. in mouse software worked. Might be a problem with only the number keys.

    • Sometimes the game switches perspectives from 3rd to 1st person without player interaction. Noticed mostly (only?) in or near spawn room.

    • Rubberbanding after leaving spawn, seems to happen mostly on Sunken City.

    • Game client sometimes freezes on the loading screen.

    • Model glitches such as Tinkerer scarf flickering and corpse limbs streching.


    Will the game get a Linux port, and if so, how soon after release?

    In closing,

    I have over 2000 hours in Chivalry. Coming from that game, I wasn’t expecting to enjoy Mirage, due to its magic theme and art style; I prefer more realism in my games, both in theme and art style. This game has far exceeded my expectations, and I very likely will purchase it after release.

    Thanks to Torn Banner for allowing me to participate in this Alpha testing. I had a lot of fun, and hope to participate in future tests.

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    @MirageTester said in Combined feedback and bug reports from 1st alpha build, Sept. 29th – Oct. 3rd:

    My in-game name was \\\\\\\\.

    Oh hey

    • Ability cooldowns should be either fully reset or cut by X seconds upon re-spawn. Occasionally a team will be spawn camped, and among other things, this change would help prevent spawn camping.

    I didn’t notice a lot of spawn camping. Even if there was, that’s not really a big issue. Fighting someone right next to their spawn only gives you a disadvantage. They get teammates that spawn right there, and you’re not doing the objective.

    This would lead to other problems. If you know you’re about to die, why not just use all of your abilities? There’s no reason not to if you’re just going to get it back. This would also lead to situations in which dying would be better, so that you could get back to your spawn and have all your abilities back up.

    • Ability interruptions should not cause an ability to go into cool-down if the ability was not fully used.

    That’s the punish though. Don’t use the ability if you know it will get cancelled. The situations in which using an ability is a good idea should be as limited as possible.