Single Player Campaign/Story Mode?

  • I went a ways down the topics page, but couldn’t find any mention, so…

    Why isn’t there any story mode, campaign, or any other actual single player? I can list at least two kinds of Single Player that would go really well into this game: Adventure, where you go solo against few, weak enemies at a time, and bosses sometimes, and develop the character’s story and equipment for each class/team combination, like a detached elite soldier on special missions; and Team Objective mode with only bots, kind of like “CS: Condition Zero”, but with actual story linking each mission, and maybe even territory win or loss(if you lose offensive missions, you have to defend against counter-attacks, if you win you have to defend while settling on the new territory. If you win a defensive mission, you get to counter-attack, and if you lose, you can try to recapture, or you can fortify the next enemy target). Maybe even some “errands” like gathering resources, subduing rebelions, building things, etc. in the meantime, or as a game mode itself.

    The main point is having missions rely on things or maps unlocked by completing previous missions, instead of by rank, and have different maps for each class on the Adventure mode(maybe class restriction for each of the character story maps?).

    The story won’t be canon, at least for now, of course, but if the mechanics are set in place, the likelihood of getting the actual story from the devs, or even have them spare some time for it, is way higher. I know the devs won’t be able to do that for a while, as they already said, but since players can develop content, maybe someone would make it. Please help keep this visible, and pitch in with ideas, constructive criticism, know-how, or actual content development.

    Thanks for the attention, and Tag Suggestions are appreciated. :)

  • That sounds fun and all but the ai is really bad. There is horde mode and you can play against bots on game modes like team objective though.

  • @UndeadWolf sounds like a good idea

    If they ever did a story mode they would have to do a major overhaul on enemy AI, or make enemy damage 1-2 shot kills to make the mode a bit challenging. People need to learn how to parry anyways >:D

  • @Hoplite-x-Viz why parry when you can just press the RT button to block instead? ;)

  • I don’t know if the custom content for this game can be close to as flexible as TES games or not. One of the main reasons I would like to have that, though, is to have a level DESIGNED to fight bots, instead of using bots as a cheap excuse for a player. The other being to have a bit more information about the story, other than the fact the Mason Order is rebelling against the Agatha Kingdom.

    Also, if there were more strategic modes than team Objective, it would also be nice, like playing an Age of Empires character in first person.

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