No servers showing up in list. :( Halp!

  • So I got onto the game with the free weekend trial, liked it, bought it, and now after several hours of gameplay the free trial ended. So after restarting my client, the servers showed back up. But now they will not show up at all. I opted out of all betas on steam, deleted local files and reinstalled, and have tried playing with server filters to no avail. I am on win10 on a laptop, someone please tell me how to fix this, i really wanna play!

  • @bloated_archer Try restarting Steam. If this doesn’t work, check out our Frequently Asked Questions guide for more solutions.

  • I’ve also had this happen before. Reset router/modem as well. This worked for me. Also make sure you don’t have some rogue filter options set.

    edit: Sp

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