[VG] Shaft Stuns

  • When a vanguard is attacking at long range, and the head of the weapon hits someone, the damage is huge. However the damage drop off when that person is inside of what should be the weapon’s viable damage range is non-existent. I think a good solution would be “Shaft Stuns”.

    My idea of a shaft stun is when someone is within your guard, and you swing your weapon normally, instead of the weapon doing full damage, the shaft hits for less damage. However to make this viable, have it stun them like a kick or a shield bash, but with less force (less duration, easier recovery). This would give the vanguard a well placed utility for managing close combat, and would also take away the unrealistic damage done to close opponents within their guard.

    Thank you for taking time to read my suggestion!

  • Not sure what the coding challenges behind this would be but it would certainly add to the realism.

  • I never understood why your pole arm gets caught on the environment yet when it comes into contact with another player it goes through them like butter. Would be even better if all attacks with melee weapons behaved the same as they did coming in contact with players as when they hit the environment. This would make team fights much harder as if you hit your teammate you had to wind up all over again, would encourage more people to stand back and fight 1 on 1. However like you said these developers are not gods, so we must be satisfied with the reality they are able to achieve.

  • This is a great idea if possible.

  • Does everyone in this game play vanguard and think they are Jesus Christ with no faults?

  • @SirFab:

    Does everyone in this game play vanguard and think they are Jesus Christ with no faults?

    I don’t quite understand what you’re saying? Honestly as it is vanguards have more range + damage out put then any other class. However their fault is defense, no shield from archers and generally slow response times. Nonetheless they still prove to be the class which tops the leader boards in almost every match you go, well them or a knight. I believe that all shafted weapons should have this feature so that when you were close to them (within their guard) they become much more vulnerable. As it is, getting close to them just means you can actually hit them, but doesn’t really punish the vanguard.

    The major thing which makes vanguard one of the best (if not “the”) offensive classes is because their swings follow through no matter how many enemies they hit. Unlike if you hit the environment, or a parry, your swing stops and you must strike again. So even if there are 4 people in front of you, your weapon cuts through all of them like butter, and with such a large arch this happens a lot (most of the time 3 of them are your teammates). Even with the shaft stuns implemented you would be left with a massive damage arch that for the most part would go unchecked, but at least if you got within their guard you could survive more then 1 swing as a light class.

    Shaft stuns would effect more then just the vanguard tho, knights have both 2 handed mauls and axes that would have a small range of guard (you would basically need to kiss them) in which the shafts would stun rather then do full damage.

  • @SirFab:

    Does everyone in this game play vanguard and think they are Jesus Christ with no faults?

    I dont think VG have no faults… And I see just as many other classes as I see VG playing.

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