Progress weapons and rank lost, reset or bugged.

  • Re: [Progression was reset](all weapons are locked again)
    I’ve unlocked all the weapons for archer and vanguard and it took me four days of toil. So naturally I’m pretty pissed off when I get on the game after the server browser hadn’t worked for a few days and all my weapons are gone. My progress was completely reset and it’s VERY frustrating. I seriously need help is there a way to fix this and are the devs currently working on this problem? More people than I have had this problem and it ruins the game experience.

  • @cyndyan Chivalry weapon progress and ranks are only saved if you’re playing on servers that are not running mods (Giant Slayers, Black Knight, Mercs) or have more than 5 people on them.

    If you’re playing on regular servers (Official Team Objective for example), then you can try;

    1. Go to \Documents\My Games\Chivalry Medieval Warfare\UDKGame\Config
    2. Edit the UDKStats.ini file
    3. Change both lines of bResetStats=False to false
    4. Save the file and close it
    5. Launch the game again