Public testing build #2 - Release notes

  • Developer

    First of all, thank you all for responding to the feedback survey from the last week!
    I think almost all the feedback has pointed towards a few key issues, issues that we agree with and are focusing on, the biggest one being the pace of the game.

    Due to the workflow of putting builds live without too many bugs and crashes these builds are always 3 weeks or more behind our internal work so we haven’t had time to react to everything that we learnt from the first test, it’s already speeding up our iteration time a lot however so thank you for playing!

    Ongoing efforts


    We fully agree and understand all the feedback in regards to things feeling slow and will address it over the coming builds.

    For this build we’ve increased movement speed though I’m not too sure if this is gonna have the right impact but regardless we have many things in the works to figure this issue out.
    There’s a lot more we’re doing here to improve this but if I were to explain it all this would get way too long as it touches every part of the game.

    Animation rework

    Our biggest focus here is melee and movement, we’ve held off on some of it for this build, this is our highest priority right now however.
    We decided to not enable the alt weapons due to the changes coming to melee as well.

    Context Overhaul

    Everything related to the objectives in every map is getting a major update and you’ll be able to get a sneak peak into some of changes in this build. More to come as we finish this up!


    He needs work, the biggest issues being his inability to defend himself, not enough variety in his playstyle and the fact that he can be frustrating to other players.
    I’ve been working on new stuff for him for a while now behind the scenes and I hope to have some new exciting stuff for him ready for the next build.

    For now just remember to deflect those fireballs.


    AMD: Please make sure you’ve updated to the most recent drivers, there are issues and crashes occuring on older versions right now.
    Nvidia: If you experience crashes or driver related crashes please make sure your on the latest drivers.

    Public testing build #2 - Release notes

    Due to the sheer volume of changes still being done this is a view of issues the issues that I think are most relevant to you.

    • General
      • Cooldowns now recharge while dead
      • All AOE’s should now properly check for visibility before applying its actions
      • Parry box now properly rotates based on your pitch
      • Increased/tweaked parry box sizes
      • Character size differences are now a bit smaller
        • The larger characters are now slightly smaller
      • Reduced characters collision size
        • This is in regards to movement only, hitboxes are the same
      • Performance improvements
    • Movement
      • Reduced movement “stickiness” when parrying/blocking
      • Increased travel speed
      • Increased base movement speed slightly
      • New wall jump
        • Slightly increased distance + more air time
      • Active combat states now trigger a mini jump instead of the standard one
    • Stamina
      • Tweaked stamina drains of out of combat actions
      • Increased total stamina pool slightly
      • Added a stamina mechanic that reduces the cost of additional parries if they happen in a very rapid succession
    • Animation
      • Adjust the influence on your swings starting point for lookdown overheads
        • This is primarily to prevent lookdown overheads from connecting earlier then expected
    • UI
      • Server browser updates, more functioning filters + more
      • More options exposed for Game, Audio, VOIP and Controls
      • Sort the scoreboard by player state score and not kills
      • Kill feed and chat messages will stick around longer
    • Sound
      • Low health heartbeat sound
      • Low stamina panting
      • Updated VO spam check to be much more lenient
    • Misc
      • Adjusted melee knockback directions to be a bit more reliable
      • Parries no longer cause your tattoos to glow
      • Added console command ListPlayers to print ‘scoreboard’ with SteamIDs
      • Reduced warmup time from 40 to 30 seconds
      • Knockdowns now lasts slightly longer if you’re falling for the duration of it


    • Alchemancer
      • Piercing shot now deals self damage after being deflected
      • Alternate version of levitate added
      • Chaos orb can now be used to rocket jump [WIP]
    • Entropist
      • New ability: Spirit Orb
        • It has a fairly slow projectile but it is very draggable
      • New Ability: Belly Bounce
        • No further description required
      • Improved carpet movement and jumping off of it
      • Tweaked the final jumps velocity off of the carpet
      • Increased the launch velocity of his grenades
    • Vypress
      • Adjusted pounce movement to be more intuitive while not relying so heavily on air control to get the most out of it
      • Reduced phase’s final velocity
      • Increased slidekicks knockback
      • Updated Vypress stab to new cross slash (Experimental version of her stab that will be reverted back to a normal stab)
      • Fixed shadow kick activating too quickly when used upclose
    • Tinker
      • Polished up Grapple hook movement on the target
      • Proxy mines, when triggered by nearby explosions they now play their full Fx before going off
      • Added tinker punch particle
      • Improved kickflips movement
    • Vigilist
      • New ability: Explosive Leap
      • New Ability: Impaler
        • Throw out your spear and pull all hit targets towards you
      • Tweaked disperse knockback
      • Iron Dome
        • No longer cancels movement abilities
        • Knockback made more reliable
        • Fixed Hook Shot and Proxy Mine being useable through the iron dome


    • European server lag resolved
    • More regions will have servers this time around
      • AUS is the only unsupported region currently, working on resolving it asap

    Notable Bug Fxes

    • Autosprint is no longer enabled by default
    • Swing grunts now play properly
    • Fixed levitate getting stuck on ramps
    • Fixed various projectiles knockback not sending you in the right direction
    • Removed ability to cancel Alch Reload
    • Fix vault movement begin teleporty under lag
    • Fixed pounce movement acting jerky when going up
    • Fixed KillZ being too low in courtyard allowing you to run at the bottom

    Known Issues

    • Desync at the start of rounds in round based gamemodes
      • after 25ish seconds your character will be back to a previous location, this can only happen once per round
    • Rare server crash
    • occasional lag spikes
    • crashes on older AMD drivers

    If you have any questions, join our discord or post here on the forums

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