Are there no servers online?

  • Round 2 of the Mirage alpha has finally begun. However, I can’t find any of the servers to play on.
    My filter is set to all game modes, and everything is checked or unchecked to find as many servers as possible.
    I also increased the ping limit to 300, which seemed to be the highest it would allow me to put it on.
    Refreshing the server browser does not make any servers appear.
    I also checked the integrity of the game files in steam, which said everything was fine.

    I don’t know if the servers just aren’t up yet, or if i’m having a problem.
    Just putting this info out here on the forum just in case it is a bug.

    //Cornelius ~ SoBaked9000

  • @SoBaked9000 servers are not up yet, but they will go up today!

  • @Reithur Thanks for the quick reply!