Console Update - Activision Response

  • Sappenin.

    So after a few days of badgering Activision Support on Facebook for an update on this long discussed topic, this is their response:


    Think we all know the potential of ever having an update died a long time ago (with Activision ignoring all of the complaints and questions on the support message board), but suppose this confirms it. No plans, no support.

    Bollocks to them. TB, please do not use Activision for porting future games. Too busy sucking £££ out of COD fanboys.

  • @Blazed no information on a game they published. Typical.

  • @Blazed what did you ask them, specifically?

  • Guys, maybe we should do this too? Perhaps we can push them to realize this game is worth something…? I’m gonna do it

  • @hit-trade said in Console Update - Activision Response:

    Guys, maybe we should do this too? Perhaps we can push them to realize this game is worth something…? I’m gonna do it

    How exactly can we do that?

  • @C4KE-from-SP4C3
    Spam their Facebook or Twitter most likely. Those links Reithur posts everytime.

  • @Naleaus Oh, OK. I just hope we’ll stir up enough posts to get Activision’s attention.

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • UPDATE: This is the correspondence between myself and the community manager @ Activision, the guy who also looked after the port of Chivalry. I tracked him down via LinkedIn and he was quite helpful and told me what we need to do, conversation below:

    Blazed: Sorry mate, I found your blog detailing the release of Chivalry for XB1 and PS4 on the Activision website. Decided to give you a shout (I understand this is your personal Facebook) but as Activision Support and Activision Assist don’t have any information for myself or the test of the community. I realise this isn’t the correct forum to be discussing details, (and if this is the case, could you kindly pass on a contact for me to address?) Do you have any idea when Activision plan to update the game? There are a few issues which could do with some attention.

    TB have advised the community they have 0 capability to fix bugs or make any updates to console ports.

    Apologies if you’re not the right person, but any advice or assistance would be greatly received, from myself and the Chivalry community (Torn Banner forums)

    Many thanks! 🙂

    Josh: Hey, man. It’s totally fine. I don’t mind.
    Unfortunately, I’m not going to be much help. These days, I work at Blizzard, so I don’t really have any visibility on what’s happening with Chiv. ATVI Assist is definitely the best route for any legit information. If they’re being quiet, it just means that plans are still coalescing.
    Usually they’re not allowed to comment until an official announcement has been made.

    Blazed: Really appreciate your prompt response Josh. I’ll take that lead and follow it up.

    Josh: No problem. Feel free to tag me on twitter if you talk to them.

    Blazed: Sure thing. What’s your @?

    Josh: @joshenge

    LINKS: @ATVIAssist

  • @Blazed there is hope, then. We just need to make a compelling case to give something new to the game that can make them money, and make us happy. Here is what I propose:

    Proposition 1: Add new weapon skins/helmet skins to the game. We really want them, and we’ll pay for them. Easy to release, easy money.

    Proposition 2: a leaderboard. This feature was on 360, and I’m not sure why it was taken out, so it would be nice to have it back.

    Proposition 3: fix the damned color helmets. On Xb1, they work sometimes, but not all the time. And on PS4, they don’t work at all. This needs to be fixed.

    Proposition 4: unlock 60 fps for Xb1 Chiv. I don’t get why PS4 gets the 60, white Xb1 gets only 30. This should be changed.

    Proposition 5: fix the stamina glitch that happens when you use a shield. It’s so tedious having a teammate have the glitch happen, and have no idea how to fix it. They just keep heavy breathing. It’s quite annoying.

    Proposition 6: add holiday hats. Some hats, like the pumpkin, and Santa hat, are already in the game, so just release them as holiday events.

    There are many more things to add, but we can’t expect much. Console chiv, even with an update, still can’t compete with the PC.

  • Let’s make it happen.

  • Wow we actually may get something going.

  • You all realize that that’s the same group Reithur had been telling you to contact this entire time right?

  • Oh yea i just noticed! We only made 0 progress, 100 more to go

  • Well sorry for the intermission there, but it´s activision who are we talking about, many others…
    had tried and failed in the mission of making activision move his ass in benefit of the community.
    So i tink we need more than just a group of peaple we also need torn banner to help us getting a update. maybe if we also spam tornbanner for helping us maybe we could succead in our imposible mission of: getting a console update. :)

  • Also iforget about that maybe an update only of bugfix would be really appreciated even if no skins are added in to the game, im having problems with the silver helms, sometimes my weapons just block like if i just started to play the game also the level has issues ans resets and those bugs and gliches are quite annoying, i dont tink tb need´s any kind of permission for a single update of bug fixes.

  • @btheatomicat There is no point in bugging Torn Banner since they do not own the rights to the game on the console port. Activision are the ones that control the console port of Chivalry.

  • Then maybe we should do the same but with hard suit labs, im talking serious, i dont tink activision will move a finger, without any other developing house (involved in console chiv), even if everyone of us cooperate for asking a single update to activision, im quite sure they would not care, my bases on this thery are: cod how many times cod commiuty asked, more complex gameplay , new mecanics, longer campaings. and games keep coming almost like a copy paste. Its

  • Cod has a massive playerbase along with other games who were ported. Chiv literally has just 40 players. Tornbanner already realized that activision dosen’t update console . Hardsuit labs is even worse in activision, psss atleast we got an eh amount of recognition of our existence from them. Hardsuit labs literally has nothing, says nothing, does nothing and literally donates its 0 poops given to our sad faces.

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