Game is fun but the movement feels slow, giving more advantage to ranged attacks

  • Game is fun but the movement feels slow, giving more advantage to ranged attacks.
    What I love about Chiv is the close combat. In Mirage it feels like the movement is slower, making it hard to dodge ranged attacks and get in close… In my opinion I would speed up movement, The speed of the sprint now feels like a good walking speed to me

  • @bloodwar Keep your feedback inside the Closed Alpha section of the forum.

  • Strongly, strongly agree. Top of the scoreboard is always the alchemancer (I think that’s it, the one who can spam fireballs).

    I don’t think speeding up movement is the answer, you just need to slow down the ranged attacks, and make them less powerful. It’s just a balance issue though and I’m sure it will be fixed.

  • But who was gap closer abilities? Shields? Flanks? Not to mention the fact that can parry every ability.

  • @2ndchallenge

    Yes, there are counters. That doesn’t mean they are effective or the game is balanced.

    Alchemancer dominates the scoreboard, that is not balance.

  • Do you have a balanced team? I just grapple everyone as Tinker. You also have the side-step and parry.

  • Increase W speed … ASD are fine to me.

  • Alchemancer, as far as I’m aware, is going to be getting a rework. For what it’s worth I never see them top the scoreboards in my games, but that might be because I play Vigilist which just counters the fuck out of alchemancer. Or it might be that your team doesn’t have good Vigilists…

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