General feedback - Public testing build #2

  • Melee combat

    The parries seem to be a lot more reliable this build than it has been in a long time. There are some times slashes might seem a bit wonky to parry, though it is not that common. I think that they’re in a good state right now, though some more testing wouldn’t hurt.

    Ghost attacks:
    A lot of attacks just ghost through enemies atm which is really annoying. it happens at random it seems and I can’t really tell when it’s going to happen before it does. But it’s really infuriating when you’re about to hit someone and your attack ends up phasing through them and they can hit you instead because they weren’t flinched.

    Combo after enemy parries:
    This is really confusing on both ends, your enemy - or you- parries and then suddenly the person who got their attack parried can continue to combo and then interrupt the riposte or just hit again.

    Projectiles going through allies:
    Very, very annoying. When you’re fighting someone and you decide to get them inbetween you and the enemy alchemancer, but he still bombards you with projectiles through his team mate and there’s nothing you can really do about it.

    Melee attacks through team mates:
    It feels like this is a bit too rewarding and I would like to once again suggest what Gauntlet has suggested in the past, having the melee attack just stop as you hit an ally similar to hitting the environment.

    the current one feels too slow, both for parries and for regular attacks, I think it should be increased a tad bit and I think this would help improve the feel of both drags and combat speed.


    Stunlock after parry:
    Is just awful and needs to be reverted asap. Not being able to parry other incoming attacks after having parried an ability slows down the combat and makes it feel really clunky. It makes 1vX situations incredibly dull as you’ve basically lost when one enemy uses an ability.

    Reflected projectiles:
    They can currently only hurt the person who first used it, imo it would be better if it became a new projectile launched from the person who reflected it of that team colour. For example if I as a taurant reflect an alchemancer’s fireball, it should become my projectile and I should be able to choose if I wanted to have it sent back at the enemy alchemancer or maybe try to redirect it at another enemy. Would be really useful against mines as the tinker would have to be careful not giving it to the enemy instead.

    Spirit Orb:
    I’m not really sure what to think about this ability yet, it might deal a bit too much damage for how fast the cooldown is.

    Healing Nade:
    You can save one team mate but it feels a bit lacking right now as you can heal more hp while not engaging in combat during the time it takes for the ability to fully CD.

    Explosive leap:
    Great addition to the previously lacking arsenal of the vigilist. It should perhaps share slot with disperse in the future. It is really confusing when an enemy parries it and you suddenly don’t leap into the air, would be really nice if you still became airbourne but the enemy wasn’t knocked back as they parry it.

    Has been useful to hunt cancermancers, though it seems like a slower shorter version of the tinker grappling hook.


    Wall jumps:
    Seems a bit wonky on some maps, though that is most likely map related and not related to the feature itself.

    Movement speed:
    I think you nailed the current one though some people seem to want it to be even faster. I think having running animations that look like running instead of the current powerwalk animations would be a lot better.

    Sidenote regarding TDM:
    There was a bug for TDM in chivalry previously where after the tickets ran out it was “LTS” for the people who were still alive, which meant that even if your whole team was dead you had the chance to win by eliminating the enemy team. That way it was more fun as it didn’t suddenly end once the tickets ran out but instead after all tickets ran out and every member on that team appeared to be dead as well.

    As for the other maps I will make a separate thread after the alpha test session is over.

  • Developer

    Thanks for the feedback, very much in line with the planned changes and my own notes from this weekend.

    Generally happy with the parry changes, comparing this builds result to the next one will be really important and hopefully another big step forward.

    Ghost attacks are all desyncs, not sure why they started happening so much again but looking into it asap, they are the worst. Same with comboing after being parried.

    Teammate thwacking was just put on again but I disabled it for this build as we didn’t have time to test it enough, it might make it into the next one if it feels good.

    Being able to parry the explosive leap to stop it is a bug too, definitely wasn’t meant to do that.

  • said in General feedback - Public testing build #2:

    Has been useful to hunt cancermancers, though it seems like a slower shorter version of the tinker grappling hook.

    I had a lot more success pulling people with Impale than with grappling hook. It’s just way easier to use since the projectile travels faster and is actually draggable to some degree while the hook has faster startup but the projectile is slower and you can’t influence it after start.

    I don’t have any numbers so I don’t know if this is true already but logically impale should also deal more damage since you are actually impaling them with a long, sharp spear and pulling them back with it. Would also differentiate it more from grappling hook, the hook being longer range ambush/isolation tool (and you can pull yourself to enemy too if you use it while airborne) while impale would be punisher for trying to flee since it has shorter range but way bigger tell.

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