Black screen on start up then menu sound (i think)

  • Hey

    i am new to this game and forum!

    i have just bought the game on steam last night and have a problem!

    i have had resolution probems before on my old screen and try every thing i know to fix it but no results?!

    he problem i have is a start the came in steam get the logo of teh game up on my desktop. the screen gose black i hear no sound or have no visual logos and then i hear the menu music (i think) in the background and a black screen. i have a feeling its a resoultion problem but need help or ideas to solve it!

    post all the ideas you have and i will say if i have tried them or try again!



  • same problem :( here is my log

  • Developer

    Best guess is your system may be reporting a resolution as valid which your monitor can’t accept, or something may be interfering with fullscreen mode. Try starting in windowed mode: Right click on the game in Steam, click properties, click Set Launch Options, type in


    hit OK, and try starting the game again.

    You can also start in a different resolution by putting that resolution in the launch options. For instance, for 1280x720:

    -resx=1280 -resy=720

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