UX Feedback

  • I don’t mind the leaflike menus all over, but the glowing shifting stuff in the main menu is really distracting/disorienting and makes a pretty cluttered menu more confusing initially. The more I play the more I’m getting used to it, but it was a shock initially.

    You don’t need a gear icon and the text OPTIONS, especially if only the gear will actually open the menu. Stick with the gear to stay consistent with the X for exit, or use the text EXIT.

    The X button at the top right of the main menu doesn’t seem as contextual as I’d expect it to be. If I go into options, select some new keybindings, and then click apply, the window doesn’t close. My first thought is to click the X button to close the options window, which closes the game instead. You also can’t use ESC to go back until you’ve clicked Apply. You can’t click the gear again to collapse the menu or anything, you can only click the home button (as far as the on screen control icons go).

    The home button is off on it’s own on the left away from the other control icons. It glows purple when you’re on it, but I didn’t notice it for a while. When in other menus (where it is the button you need to escape), it’s grey and blends in to the wavy background.

    Initial feedback :D

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