Alchemancer Dodge

  • Right now the Alchemancer’s right click dodge only seems to go backwards. It’d be great and more intuitive if it just shifted you in whatever direction you were moving. You can simulate some control over it by looking in the opposite direction of where you’d like to go, but that feels really clunky.

    Ideally it would shift based on the player’s input directions, not where they’re looking (vs teleport which felt pretty good, if a bit clunky when in a fight). This would open up some more gameplay options as well, allowing you to use it while running away or to shift towards a player/into a fight.

    It also feels like with such a long cooldown (vs block) it should at least shift you out of range of a Taurant swing up close.

  • I was thinking this!

    Currently it makes it very predictable of where he’s going to try and retreat towards.

    Given how important blocking is for the melee classes, the Alchemancer needs much more fluid control of his ability to dodge attacks.

  • I personally like it a lot the way it is
    probably the only somewhat skillful movement mechanic in the game right now
    initially I did also feel like it’s lacking in range, but now I started to use it preemptively, not when someone is already in my face, or to extend my teleport’s range
    also very useful to reach some roofs etc, as you can point it downwards

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