[AMD] Game Locks up entire PC (display driver crash?)

  • No definite fix yet as I know. Tis alpha though, I want to assume it’s a compatibility issue or could be related to UE4 and it’s new engine features. This is the first UE4 game ive played so I have nothing to compare to. I might rollback a release as it seemed to be a little more stable. I’m getting this crash almost every other match now. I will be testing this thoroughly tonight before the test run is over. I will cycle back driver releases and make other power/GPU changes and post here if I have success.

    We have 2GB cards and I’m assuming it’s maxing out the GPU instead of adjusting in the game to save crash. First thing to help as a Dev said turn settings as low as you can. Particles and postprocessing have a large pull on the GPU. I am testing power settings as well to rule out overload and I know for sure it’s not a heat issue. You can monitor your gpu with a handy program GPU-Z to watch for the cause of crash.
    Also just search for the error and follow some other fixes that work for other modern games (at your own risk!)

    Also in the GPU manager see if you can override the control and have it throttle down if it needs to. This might work as a good temp fix so we can just keep playing. Will post anything I find here!

  • So you think its hitting the hard cap for VRAM?

    I believe by default UE4 downscales textures if its going to exceed it. Maybe that’s been disabled.

  • I played a bot match and messed around with console commands, then I started playing online, I haven’t crashed in over an hour now.
    Heres the history of console commands I used, I suspect HistoryBuffer=r.Streaming.PoolSize 256 fixed it.
    HistoryBuffer=setbind ThumbMouseButton2 stab
    HistoryBuffer=stat streaming
    HistoryBuffer=open cp_Courtyard
    HistoryBuffer=stat streaming
    HistoryBuffer=stat streaming
    HistoryBuffer=stat streamingdetails
    HistoryBuffer=stat unit
    HistoryBuffer=stat net
    HistoryBuffer=stat STREAMING
    HistoryBuffer=r.Streaming.PoolSize 256
    HistoryBuffer=r.MotionBlur.Max 0
    HistoryBuffer=r.AmbientOcclusionLevels 0
    HistoryBuffer=r.OneFrameThreadLag false
    HistoryBuffer=r.OneFrameThreadLag true
    HistoryBuffer=r.OneFrameThreadLag false
    HistoryBuffer=addbots 20

  • Well I spoke too soon, still, I lasted 2 hours without crashing :P

  • Interesting maybe it helped a bit. I went for almost an hour before crash after some adjustments. If you don’t click ok on the error dialogue post crash it seems to help exit and reset driver quicker. I’m still logging my progress. Rolling back driver release didn’t fix it but it’s crashing less often.

  • Same trouble. Freezing and crushing videodrivers

  • Okay gents after a bit of research I had the game running smoothly at nearly max graphics.

    Kept crashing after driver changes and rollbacks.
    Crashed still after forcing help from the control center. No overclocking.

    This is from the technical support thread:

    AMD issues

    If you have an AMD Video Card, please update to the latest AMD drivers and/or set Framerate Smoothing to Uncapped in the game’s Settings > Video page
    Disable Raptr (also called AMD Gaming Evolved) in your AMD/Radeon settings

    " set Framerate Smoothing to Uncapped in the game’s Settings > Video page" - This solved the issue. I don’t run Raptr (AMD GE) and forcing smoothing from CC did not help the issue. After I set it to uncapped and cleared forced assistance from CC I could max out graphics and get ok framerate but high settings ran smoothly. It was late into the phase so I couldn’t test longevity but I got at least an hour with no crashes.

    Here’s the thread:

  • @ArtyPendragon I’m glad you were able to get it running eventually. Sounds like you’ll be ready for round 3!

    On a general update note, we’re still learning more about our AMD troubles and figuring out how to resolve them.
    Uncapping framerate in the game’s settings helps with low FPS & hitching.
    Updating to latest drivers and disabling Raptr helps reduce driver crashes.

  • Yes sir. Thanks for getting us AMD users back on track. I just wish I would have skimmed the technical posts earlier. Can’t wait to play again!

  • I can confirm the crash still happens on the latest build.

  • @zombojoe thanks for keeping us updated. Also heard from others that we’re having some cases where CPU usage spikes when you have an AMD card.

  • After a bit more research it seems UE4 in general has issues with AMD causing GPU spikes, fps issues, and crashing the display driver. Seems to be driver issues more than hardware. People having issues with different games, different hardware builds. Epic has contacted AMD about the issue and they are still “fixing” it as new driver packs release. I didn’t get a chance to play this last round of alpha but I’ll keep testing it out through the next test runs/beta. I’m sure if we keep up on driver releases it will sort out in time.

  • I played a good amount of time today with no crashes in the latest build. I’ll update if I get a crash.

  • @zombojoe that’s excellent news! Please let us know if you run into trouble!

  • There have been a number of AMD driver issues for Unreal 4 Engine games. Internal testing on AMD Drivers has shown the most recent drivers with the “Gaming Evolved” functionality disabled as you’ve stated has seen a marked improvement in both performance and stability.

    It is recommended to use a total driver remover client to ensure you are re-installing a driver in a pure environment.

    Thanks for the report!

  • Played last night/this morning for a while. Three total crashes but not anywhere as often as last round so I think new driver set has made a little progress. It was about a crash about every two hours. Also doesn’t display it as a driver fault as before. Just crashes out. Always happened just as me and another player were about to make contact though. The last one may have been server. Exile was there and we were stuck in a obj loop so idk. Progress! Will keep updating as the rounds come.
    Seems like particles took a hit to my fps a lot more this time around though. Thanks devs for sticking with us

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