Staggering abilities on any hit.

  • I feel like this needs to go. I understand the need for interruption but this isnt the way to do it.

    Feels pretty bad when you setup an for an ability hit, get hit by like a random Alchemancer shot and get interrupted, in addition your ability goes on CD. Id much rather see other, faster, abilities directly interrupt rather than any hit, or even just make a specific button to (similar to the kick in Chivalry).

    This is especially true anytime you have more than one person hitting you as well, try to use anything to counter or get out and youll just put your abilities on cooldown from being hit, die.

    Just my two cents on one of things bothering the most right now. It feels as if im getting kicked over and over again in Chivalry except its regular swings which also deal normal damage.

  • I have to agree.

    Making every atk an interrupt sounds just rediculess and it also feels that way.

    Give all clases 1 or 2 interupt skills that can interupt skills and/or atk’s, but remove thous random interupts by normal atk’s.

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    I have to disagree.

    Anything to discourage using your abilities is a good thing. Why do people feel that they have to be able to spam abilities at all times? How could you possibly raise the skill ceiling beyond being able to press a button then?

  • iirc it was really really annoying when that was a thing a few months back, because you could start an attack, the enemy decided to whirlwind, and you’d end up being flinched and taking more damage, even if you were in release before they started attacking. It wasn’t fun.

    I could see a partial solution to it, though that’s something that’d need proper testing.
    It would not flinch the person who is using the ability, but the ability will not damage the person who hit the ability user. Though this seems wonky and inconsistent, might be worth a try either way. The person who hit the ability user would then be free to combo, which also isn’t optimal for the person who used the ability to be that punished for it, so it could perhaps still flinch the person who it doesn’t deal damage to and perhaps even push them back slightly.

    Something I’d like better is shorter cooldowns after getting your ability flinched, aka 1 second instead of 3-8 seconds or whatever it currently is, that way you can use your ability quite quickly again - if you deem that necessary.

  • @Skindiacus having 1-2 skills in your kit that can interupt skills seems more skillfull to me than randomly interrupting ppl with normal atk’s.

    let’s let atk’s interrupt parry’s … so the game gets more skillfull … so ppl have to dodge all the time.

  • @Wolf_the_Legend
    Why would you start an ability when you see your enemy attack though? It would be more skillfull not to attack when your enemy is but parry instead. You can also feint most abilities and instead parry while they’re still in windup.

  • @Xylvion diden’t felt to me like I would have time to cancel the ability, moste of the time there wasen’t even an animation. The ability just went on cd right away. EDIT: just tryed it out … if I hit RMB the cd is on the skill right away, with out me using it in fact.

    My problem with the mechanic is that ppl don’t interupt ability’s intentionally (most of the time), it just happens. Beside the fact that smb who is coming from behind gets a free hit on you, he also interupt your ability’s. (he got the 2vs1 advantage already, why give him free ability interrupt on top … I don’t get it)

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    Okay. I see the argument here. It’s: should players be rewarded for successfully interrupting an ability, or should players be rewarded for successfully using an ability.

    In one scenario, the game is about using your abilities as much as possible, and trying to cancel other people. In the other, the game is about using your abilities as sparingly as possible. Only when you are 100% sure they will be the most useful.

    So, TB, which is it?

  • Here is an example what an ability interupt should look like imo:
    Skill: Bola - ability interupt as a skillshot + visual feedback on the receiving end (+ atk disable in this case)

    Here is an example of another skill, not the best video but coulden’t find any better with that skill:
    Skill: Whip - ability/atk interupt as a melee skill (with 12 seconds cd)

    Enemy jumps in to do masive aoe dmg, but gets interruptet by a skillshot (Bola):
    aoe dmg Jump-skill gets interruptet by Bola 1:46

  • Developer

    This is a very intentional part of the game, our goal was to use the deliberate combat system from chivalry (sword fighting) and bring magic into that, as we love how important it makes every action. When what your opponent does to you matters, it becomes more like a real fight, with tension on every move. Some people prefer a more arcadey approach to games where its about landing more hits or better hits than the enemy, but we are intentionally shooting for a system that promotes landing hits without taking any. This is also why you can block everything the enemy throws at you. It makes the game more difficult, but more rewarding for those who enjoy the challenge.

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    Yay. I found something to shut down this debate:
    "The spells are all designed around the melee system, this means all spells can be interrupted and their cast times follow a similar structure to the melee. " -Ramsus

    The game is designed this way, and it’s better for it.

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