Access to Alpha Forums and Discord?

  • How do I do this?
    I wish to discuss the alpha with others and provide feedback

  • Developer

    Did you recieve a steam key? What email/forum name did you provide us?

  • The forums were not responding when I filled in the alpha access form
    I have a steam key and have since the first alpha

  • @Killer-Crabs So, somehow I missed the actual invite to the alpha originally in September. However after seeing a new round of testing began yesterday, I went and checked my email and sure enough the invite was there. Downloading as I type this and can’t wait to get started testing and hopefully finding bugs.

    However, the discord server, I can’t seem to find a way to get in. The link in the email, takes me to an Access Denied page. So, I simply assume I just haven’t been rolled over for access. I also don’t have access to the closed alpha forum itself. Which makes sense. My username and email should be exactly what I gave Torn Banner many months ago, so that should all check out :)