Not sure where to give feedback...So here we go

  • This is my initial feedback. First off, I LOVE Chivalry, I have around 250 to 300 hours (I know that’s not a lot to some but I’m a busy person). The game is addictive in a great way. The heft of the weapons feels real. It takes time to swing them and timing is everything. Archery is always fun too. To me the weapons are the focus of Chivalry.

    So Mirage, um… I’m not sure what to think. But my first impressions were not that good (I know I’ll get some hate for this but I’m saying this because I want the game to be good). So here are some of my initial thoughts after an hour or so of play. These are a bit stream of consciousness.

    If I double click a server name in the list it should join. Clicking a small button on the right to join is not the best UI choice imho.

    The graphics have an Arabian + psychedelic feel, which is unique and interesting. The fighters look dead serious and regal. Then I heard a female voice reciting part of an old 1900’s English poem , “cross your heart, hope to die, stick a needle in your eye”. Or something to that effect. Her tone of voice was that of a little girl sticking her toung out at a mean boy on the playground. Needless to say it broke immersion…badly. It doesn’t fit the theme of the game at all.

    Knights in Chiv said some pretty silly things, but it all seemed in character. I could imagine a knight saying, “Your wife is a hobby horse.”

    On the other hand the screams are pretty terrifying

    The classes looked interesting

    I first went with Taurant. He seemed the most familiar to me. The create a giant spike ball ability seemed a little useless to me but I just started.

    There is no cut-the-other-team-down celebration at the end of a match. There should be, that’s half the reason to win a match.

    Getting cut in half was a surprise. A good one.

    Bodies disintegrate, which is good, but it’s soo bright it seems like it’s trying to get my attention.

    I saw people climbing walls but couldn’t figure out if it was a class ability or what

    Overall movement seems too slow, and clunky. Motion isn’t graceful or smooth. It’s jittery and slow.

    Keybinding list is wayyyy too damn small

    I thought Alchemancer was interesting but didn’t like that he can’t block at all. People in the chat mentioned dodge but I couldn’t find it in keybindings.

    The indicator for Teleport doesn’t show where you will end up that well. The particle effect on the bottom makes it hard to gauge in 3d space flattened to a 2d plane. I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to hold the button or tap it until some experimentation.

    So as I mentioned the weapons were the real focus in Chivalry and it seems that you guys wanted to focus on something else this game. Personally, that’s not what I want. I enjoy swinging that maul and crackin skulls. It felt real. This game just by it’s theme isn’t real. I can’t identify with casting a spell. There are still steel and iron weapons but they are a part of a kit. They can’t change. They aren’t the focus.

    Still, if you want to make casting feel more real it needs more feedback. Shake the camera and create loads of effects and sound when a fireball is launched. Make it hit with a massive explosion, a crater, and dead bodies flying in different directions. Not to say every magic thing needs to be over powered, it doesn’t but it needs more umph.

  • Developer

    Thanks for the feedback. Moved it to the correct place.

    Totally valid points about the menus, we still have a ton of work to go into them to make it more user friendly.
    We will be shipping different weapon variants which aren’t currently available in the Alpha. You are correct, we’ve put a lot of tuning and design effort into abilities and how they complement each classes combat style.

  • @Stibbens we will be adding an in-game tutorial map to address a lot of your concerns; much of it seems to be training-related.

    We have a list of in-game hints/tips we’ll be adding eventually; it should answer a bunch of your questions regarding wall jumps, evasive dodges, etc.

    We will be adding more weapons, but they’re not available for use yet.

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