feedback for our lord and savior, vesros

  • I wrote down notes while playing in a notepad, so hopefully I can be more organized this time :)


    Parries seem to be a lot more reliable this patch, although they are by no means perfect. Ripostes either hit me before they animate, or they seem to go through parries, but normal attacks seem to be fine.

    As has been noted, ghost swings are a massive problem with this build. I can’t give an exact number, but I can tell you that it FEELS like 1 in 2 attacks will phase through my enemy. It’s really frustrating when added on with range uncertainty which I will talk about next.

    Range Uncertainty:

    Even with my many hours in this game, I constantly question the effective range of my weapons. This seems to be the most common with Vypress and Vigilist. If I had a way to explain the feeling of their weapons, it would be pencil-like. I feel like I have a small pencil trying to hit an elusive hopping bunny. That’s exactly what I wrote down in my notes. I want to blame it on release times, because on Taurant it feels fine in most scenarios, although his stab is kind of questionable, but I’m not really sure what it is.

    So now to connect the other point: this range uncertainty that I have as well as ghost swings (which I assume will be fixed) makes melee almost impossible for me, at least for consistency. It’s super frustrating to play with, and honestly I feel like I have no range at all.

    Being able to correct mistakes:

    In Chivalry, if you miss a swing slightly, or make a movement error, you can generally recover aptly given that you didn’t completely mistime a parry or anything. In this game I feel like I really have no room for error. Part of this is also the “pencil-like” feeling I get from some weapons too. The enemy’s hitbox feels really really specific, so I know if I somehow miss my hit I’m just gonna get fucked, and I usually end up missing because I misjudged the range OR I was blessed by a divine ghost swing.

    As Vesros and I already discussed, I think the turncap is mostly responsible for this feeling of not being able to recover. I can’t really turn that much while parrying, and I don’t have a lot of room for swing manipulation (dragging, tracking, etc).


    I’m only writing about this because some people have had varying feelings regarding this, just wanted to post my findings regarding stamina:

    I’m not sure if you guys have done anything to stamina, but I feel like the pool has increased from previous patches, but I’m not entirely sure. I have barely had any problems regarding stamina, I’ve probably been stammed out a total of 2 times during my alpha testing (for this cycle).

    Part of this may because I limit my use of dodges and terrain usage. I don’t really care for juking people or turtling via movement in general, I kind of just run in and try and kill people with raw melee skill. So given that information, it is possible that perhaps others have stamina issues because of a difference in play style. If that is the case, I would increase stamina, remove it, or do something because those are intended mechanics that shouldn’t be prohibited by a system that is meant to be anti-cheese.

    I played with Zebra as well, an older competitive teammate and he even asked “so is stamina a part of this game?”


    I had been told that #3 is the big patch to look out for, so I didn’t really come in with high expectations this patch. I think the big takeaway is that parries are a lot more reliable, but there is still a lot more work to be done which I hope is delivered in #3. I still enjoy slaying noobs and camping spawn, but it can be incredibly frustrating at times just because it’s inconsistent as in chiv, I can never expect something to work 100% of the time, which is unfortunate but reality for this type of game.

    P.S. VESROS PLS REMOVE WHIRLWIND TRADES. Every time I get traded by this ability I want to throw my computer out the window. FDSAFASDFDSdassdasda

    P.S.S. Didn’t mention Alchemancer because I was told he is already being reworked. All I have to say is that being able to parry projectiles doesn’t solve the archer complex from chiv.

    Keep up the good work!

  • An organized post by wizardish??? Insane, absolutely insane!

  • Developer

    Excellent post.

    I think we have all the tools for parries now and the remaining issues all lie with servers, this is the top priority for gameplay right now.

    The range issue is something I’ve felt too but it’s hard to pin down what the exact cause is, I’m hoping most of it lies in performance and animation so we’ll need to keep an eye on it.

    Stamina, the pool was increased but another change didn’t make it in to reduce regeneration while sprinting which threw off the balance completely.

    So many inconsistencies that currently exist will be ironed out, it’s taking longer then expected but we’ll figure them out.
    Melee and parry turn limits will be changed.

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