The biggest issue in the game right now

  • I’ve been playing the game for 10 hours now, but I’ve noticed one issue that lingers in every single match that I play.
    The game is hella fun, all the classes are fun too, but I feel that any gamemode that isn’t related to ark-pushing suffers from imbalance.
    It seems that it’s either too easy, or too hard… And has completely been ruining most of the games I play. The game really needs some autobalance to make it more fun

  • Hey! Great feedback. I was wondering if the reason why Ark objectives feel more balanced might be explained by the following:

    There is definitely a learning curve to the different gamemodes. Mirage is a game where a numbers imbalance of just one person in an engagement can be nigh insurmountable unless you have a God on your team. This puts a heavier focus on team play and grouping up. Ark pushing objectives work great because the center of the fray is always singular, and who has spawn advantage changes to prevent steam rolls.

    For example, if attacking team 1 is having difficulty pushing the ark at the start, their spawn proximity will eventually give them numbers advantage so long as they are able to take out one or two people on the enemy team in an engagement. Then when spawns come in, you’ll have 6 vs the 5 or 4 left and be able to get momentum that way. If the defending team trickles in against spawns, they’ll just be fighting a disadvantageous fight. In Ark modes, though, the Ark will eventually reach a middle point and then a point closer to the defending team’s spawn, so you’ll get the exact opposite spawn cycle (assuming your team stops trickling in one at a time into a mob of the other team and getting demolished so you never build a proper spawn wave to kill one or two of the enemy team).

    In other game modes, while the glyphs or such still serve to localize combat, the locations of these objectives makes grouping up for spawn waves less intuitive. You can often find people wandering by themselves on the other team and initiate duels, 2v1’s, or other examples of low player number engagements. And if the other team is doing this too, then this works perfectly fine. However, approaching every objective as a team of 6 (this doesn’t mean you can’t use flanks, just use them in ways that add to the battle for the objective rather than try to create an engagement that gives you 0 advantage and hurts your team when you die) would still be the best option unless you feel the other team is stronger as 6 and would start to mirror your grouping (which they will if they are remotely trying… it doesn’t take long for a player rushing headlong into 1v6’s to understand the power of numbers).

    Players that have been organically grouping up in Chiv will feel this much more intuitively in Mirage. They’ll know when to group up and when they can push advantage to catch someone on the other team out. So if a team has even an imbalance of a couple people that know how to group, then right now it will appear pretty stompy. Add to that that some of the pre-alpha players have much more than 10 hours in the game so they will swing things as well while the majority of the players are just getting used to things…


    1. Increase communication to the player as to the importance of grouping.
      1a) Loading screens with tool tips to this effect.
      1b) Introduce a magical aura mechanic that buffs something if you are close to your teammates (this solution may interfere with other systems.
      1c) Put queues in the map design or player UI to indicate the importance of proximity to teammates better at a behavioral level. A glow of the tattoo, a spawn indicator with gems that light up more depending upon the percentage of your team in your spawn area.

    2. Alter spawn wave mechanics for non Ark Non LTS objectives to promote more grouping (would require fleshing out if this option is possible/viable without affecting other systems).

    3. Matchmaking to provide organic transference between skillbased metagames (the new player meta will differ widely from the dedicated player meta for example) so that the amount of grouping up each team does per gametype will match the player’s skill level more appropriately.

    I should note that the individual solutions are not exclusive, and that the entire list is far from exhaustive. Just some thoughts.

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