The Ark Mode, TDM, and Glyph (forgot the name) modes were fun!

  • We were having a LAN Party with Arin Blue and the whole class. Not really a full house, just a 3v3 or 5v5 team battle. At first, we were easily wrecked by Arin but a few deaths after, we immediately learned the ropes of the game and overcome Arin.

    When the game starts, it starts out very slow - it feels like slow. The control feels clunky, or it might be that I am not used to it. I can double jump when there is a nearby wall.

    I only played one type of character since that LAN Party, I think it was the assassin one. Sometimes the health and stamina bar’s color blend into the environment and gave me a little trouble.

    Arin got wrecked btw.

  • Lol. You picked it up quick buddy. I was impressed. But to be fair, when it comes to games your a god! HAHA. P.S. You were the only one that was really contending with me I wrecked everyone else. ;) We will have a little one on one next and have some fun! Very happy you enjoyed the game!!! Keep playing!

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