Error joining game

  • I’m able to find games in the server browser but I’m not able to join any game (My resolution is 1024x786)

  • Also the game aks me every time to install UE4 Prerequisites even if already installed them 0_1477223224305_Pic 1_2.PNG 1_1477223224308_Pic 2_2.PNG

  • @Bokay73 I’ve moved your post to the Tech Support page.

    Our in-game menus don’t currently scale down to fit small monitors.

    Are you able to adjust the resolution of your monitor at all to a wider aspect ratio? 1024x578 should give you 16:9, but it’s not something I’ve tried with Mirage yet to make my aspect ratio wider (works fine with Chivalry though).

    This is a workaround, not an official solution; we’re working on adjusting menu scaling for the next round.

  • Thank You, it works very well.
    Looking forward for the final solution and I appreciate the fast help.

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