First impression and small feedback

  • Generally, like many people here, when I first booted the game, it felt a bit wierd.

    My first class choice was Vypress and given the art style, characters look, map design and the ability system, I was expecting the game to be quicker. I was really suprised to find the game speed to be slow, but after about an hour of playing, I got used to it.

    Now, the feedback:

    • Running animations enforce the feeling of slowness. Generally animations feel slowed down and jittery, unfitting.

    • Running animations are different for 1st and 3rd person, it would be nicer if they were the same.

    • Wall running is pretty inconsistent, sometimes you can’t even wall run at all or you climb lower than normal.

    • Parrying is also inconsistent, most likely due to netcode, common complaint.

    • Not being able to parry a sword hit after parrying an ability is often very confusing and annoying, especially when the ability hits you right before the swing does.

    • Hit reg is sometimes delayed.

    • Weapon range is hard to judge sometimes, as characters are making a leap forward in the release stage when running and taurant for example also changes the way he holds his weapon mid swing, making you misjudge the range. Also, you don’t see yourself doing the leap with many animations, like with Vypress LMB for example, making you feel like you have lower range.

    • I like the balance of the game, but I am not that good of a player and generally I am not good at judging balance.

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