No friendly fire with magic and limited friendly fire damage with weapons

  • I’ve played 9 hours of this alpha and have noticed that there is no friendly fire damage with magic attacks and (at least from what I have seen) it appears that magic attacks simply ghost through friendlies. The problem with this is that in 2 or 3v1 situations players will simply fire all their “magic ball thingys” at the one enemy without worrying about hitting their team. This along with low friendly fire damage has led to people simply LMB spamming for easy kills without worrying about killing their friend.

    This is what I do and I usually come top of the scoreboard by spamming lmb in 2v1s and feinting in 1v1s since without dragging the hand to hand combat is simply parry attack repeat now with the occasional magic ball

  • I agree with this feedback.

    Also you posted this in the wrong section of the forum. Make sure you’re posting in the closed alpha section of the forum.

  • Developer

    @Cros there may be some abilities that we should test with team damage again but it’s something we’ve stayed away from for a reason,
    we have tested everything having team damage before and it gets really overwhelming.

    There are some cases where it feels bad that nothing happens though and we still need to look into improving those.

    Taurants shove, belly bounce, Tinkers punch and backflip for example could knock back teammates without dealing damage, this way it wouldn’t add to the overwhelming feel of taking damage more often but you would still feel like the ability does something to teammates.

    There’s also cases where I would like to explore more intentional use of abilities on your teammates, grapple hook and impaler for example, should you be able to pull your teammates with those? Could be fun!

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