Alpha Round 2 Feedback

  • General:

    1. I started out thinking that movement outside of combat was very slow, but you do get used to it. I would still suggest a slight tweak to out of combat speed.
    2. The respawn timer is all over the place. The 8-10 second was fine, but a few times I had a 20 second respawn and that just wasn’t fun.
    3. Textures. I can see where the art style is going and it’s great, but a few things such as the rocks in the desert maps or the trees need a bit of texture work. I had some very strange popping in while playing and it was weird enough that I stopped what I was doing a few times just to watch it. Distance vs phasing in needs a bit of work.


    1. Overall I’m really enjoying combat. And this is from someone who has limited time in FPS, though it means I’m not much help in this area sorry! The speed once in combat is great and the feel is pretty good.


    1. I ended up in the Academy maps much more than the desert ones, a bit of balance for which maps you go through would be great (I loved the desert side, but only got 2 tries at them during the weekend).


    1. Love the ingame UI - it’s big enough to easily see but doesn’t detract from the view of the game.
    2. The ESC menu - I would rework this a bit. The grey rectangular buttons don’t quite fit the aesthetic in the game and it feels a bit jarring to suddenly be shown them.

    Defects I found:

    1. At one point after death, my body was lying whole on an upper level while my friend saw me in half on the ground below.
    2. A few times after my respawn time was up, it took about an extra 5 seconds for it to load me (I didn’t choose a new character during respawn).
    3. Had a syncing issue in a few places. Playing with the same ping as my opponent, I would be swinging what looked like directly into their body and they saw me dancing around them a few game meters away, no where near them.

    Really enjoying this so far! Nothing huge stood out as particularly egregious and I love the balance between the characters. This may be the FPS that turns me ^_^ Love your work <3

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