Lets talk about balancing and gameplay

  • ok so first off i would really like to congratulate all of the TB staff for helping with the smooth release of the alpha(s). what really struck me when i first played the game was how pretty it was… then i noticed how little bugs there actually were.
    after a few games i did notice something that was a bit… off…

    ok lets talk about classes and what they are supposed to be good at
    taurant: he is a tank, who is supposed to be good at taking damage.
    alchemancer: he is supposed to be a low health mage with high damage output
    vipress (did i spell that right?): a high damage output and fast class with medium to low health. very similar to the man at arms from chiv (at least in concept)
    tinker: med to low health class with a medium damage output who is supposed to use her traps to her advantage (i like laying down a few traps and then pulling the enemy through them with the zelda hookshot thing)
    aladin: a medium health class that has support capability and splash damage grenade things also with a surprisingly high melee damage output and mess your head up attacks… you know in chiv when a vanguard would get in your face with the spear and start stabbing and you couldn’t really see the spear anymore so you had to guess when they were attacking from the inside of their face.
    and the other one: she has a bubble that insta gives because it is like a 6 shot for the alch… no seriously increase the amount of effective health that has.

    ok and now i would like people to post under here with balance issues or specific problems with the parrying and riposte situation. we are the testers and i think we need to help
    please dont spam the ‘parrying is broke’ though im sure by now the devs know and will do their best to fix it and i would like this thread to be somewhere that people could present a problem and discuss it with mods and between ourselves.

  • Taurant isn’t a tank though, he’s sort of the vanguard in this game. The Vigilist is the tank x)

    I don’t really want to give any major feedback on balance issues and the like until the next build, because apperently that will have quite some changes to it according to vesros. This build also introduced some new tracers and a new parrybox, I find that the parrybox is great, the new tracers are a bit wonky. Overheads don’t go through parries anymore which is neat, though stabs and slashes are another story.

    I’ve only really got a few concerns for balance and they are regarding the cancermancer and the entropist.

    -His regular lmb attack is too fast and a bit too hard to see coming. I think this has to do with far away animations being set to a lower quality which makes the throw animation seem desynced to the projectile itself. I also think that he can throw another projectile way too fast after the last, lowering the ammo to 2 could help, or just simply give him a real weapon and have the fireballs as an ability.
    Another solution would be to have him flinch whenever a fireball is parried, that way he can’t just keep spamming them.
    -His movement speed should be slightly lower than the other classes right now. It seems like the chase speed is gone this build for some reason so it’s impossible to chase down an alchemancer that’s running away. Also with teleport being instant and abilities now stunlocking you it’s even more of a hazzle to hunt him down.
    Last build it was possible to fend them off really easily or fight in a 2v1 with them shooting fireballs everywhere, this build it’s simply anti-fun.

    -His damage output seems a bit high in melee. I think of him more as a support class with the heals and all that, though his cane deals a lot of damage.
    -The healing nade is a bit slow and sluggish, you can’t drag it, the windup is way too long and the cooldown is really long. This is an ability that could be instanly thrown as it doesn’t deal damage to enemies. The projectile velocity could be kept the same for now, though it wouldn’t hurt with a slight increase. As for the cooldown your team will heal faster outside of combat than it takes for the cooldown to finish, a lot of the time it feels useless, though sometimes you can save that one team mate in the distance. The cooldown might be fine if you can have a maximum of two nades at any time as you can stack them up that way and save team mates in different locations.
    -As for his damage dealing ability slot, I’m still not sure if that’s the right way to go, I’d rather like to see something else there like buffs and debuffs, for example speedauras(movement) or no heal/heal over time debuffs, target marking so that the team can see the marked enemy through walls and other similar abilities.

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    Thanks for the input!

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