All-Stars Tryouts

  • @TheKnightOfIsla said in All-Stars Tryouts:

    @C4KE-from-SP4C3 Everyone seems to have forgotten about angel. He’s better than quite a few from your’s and everyone else’s list so far. And while that is just my opinion, I’ve witnessed him sit down “the best” on many occasions. Also isn’t error supposed to be retired? Why should het get an automatic pass but other retired players like Kyle or Zeus don’t even get noted?

    I will admit that angel is a very talented player and which is why he is a sub for the EU team. If one of us are having a bad day or b00g gets too mad then we’ll put him in. Regarding Error, he never really retired. I believe it was just so he could play for Sandwich in the SDS vs Sandwich war in the first kendo.

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    @Reithur This one too plz, I forgot about this one lol

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