Interrupting skills changes/ideas..

  • Right now skills are too risky to use in 1vX fights and the reason is that they can be instantly interrupted and that they get put on their standard length cooldown. This straight up needs to change.

    I was thinking about how a better method could be implemented and I came up with a few things:

    • Implement an interrupted cooldown for spells that have a CD longer than the time an interrupt gives
    • Make escape skills instant and cant be interrupted (you can still obviously be hit a la MaA dodge)
    • cancelled spells should work like feints and shouldn’t go on any CD when you cancel them (but use stamina)
    • make attack skills interruptible only in windup period but then apply the full CD and make them uninterruptible during the business end

    With these changes I believe skill use in more riskier situations would increase. For example say that the interrupt CD is set at 3 seconds, the Turant could realistically use his leap skill even if he’s interrupted the first time he tries rather than sitting on it because he may be about to die and doesn’t want to wait the half minute CD after his respawn.

    As of now it’s better to just rely on your melee skills in 1vXs.

    Footnote: should Alchemancer dodge be affected by such an interrupt CD y/n?

  • Right now skills are too risky to use in 1vX fights and the reason is that they can be instantly interrupted and that they get put on their standard length cooldown.

    Someone correct me if I’m wrong in this build but when your ability gets interrupted/you cancel it, isn’t the cooldown much shorter? That at least used to be true and is indicated by the cooldown counter having big red border.

  • @Kreittis When you cancel it yourself it has a shorter CD but when you are interrupted it has its full CD IIRC.

  • Developer

    @Arturiel the shorter cooldown is for interrupts before it has activated and cancels.

    So if you as a Taurant charge and get interrupted in windup you get the short cooldown, if you get interrupted during the charge (only powerful abilities can interrupt during the charge) you’ll get the full cooldown.

  • I agree. Buffing defensive/utility skills will make 1vX situations feel much more manageable. At the moment you have to rely on your positioning and parkour skills to get away from an outnumbered fight but depending on where you are (and whether or not the map is conducive to parkour), this might not be a viable option. Reducing the windup time/preventing interruption on abilities like the Alchemancer’s Teleport will give the Alche a more reliable escape. If a Vypress ambushes an Alche from behind and starts comboing on him in melee, the Alche won’t have enough time to Teleport and would have to turn a full 180 degrees around in order to get away with the right click dodge. Even then, the Vypress can simply sprint to cross that short distance and kill him with a second hit before he will have time to Teleport.
    That said, we should be careful not to improve defensive abilities too much or it will become frustrating to fight classes with instant escapes. If everyone can push a panic button to avoid certain death, overall TTK will increase and fights will last much longer. That could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on what TBS is trying to go for. What’s more frustrating for players overall? Being unable to escape when someone ambushes you, or being unable to kill someone even though you outplayed them with your positioning?

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