Blarsch - Feedback - Public testing build #2

  • Here is a little wall of text…

    • Classes:

    • Tinker:

    My main for now. The first thing I like about this class, is the way she holds the weapon in 1st person. Another

    thing is the running with raised hands and screaming like a maniac (especially orange one). From mechanic POV,

    stab drags on 1h saber are decently draggable. Attack animations seems fine.

    About skills… generally they are balanced in terms of usefulness and power.

    Mines planted on spots like capture points / in the grass / just behind the corner can do their job right,

    because of 2 shotting people most of the time. Cooldown here is fine (or could be decreased, but then mines

    should “live” less time)

    Dervish (stab charge) mostly do his job as gap closer to enemies, that are not aware of your presence, since its

    not hard to parry when its performed at max distance against better players. I would recommend reducing the

    cooldown here by small amount.

    Reversed charge aka maa-like-backdodge seem to be pretty nice, because it helps at repositioning during a fight

    (thus allowing to strike enemy from behind or backside) or give an opportunity to run from too many foes much

    easier. Cooldown seems to be a too high, since this ability only allows to “fly” backwards. My proposition here

    is to reduce it by 2-4 seconds.

    Graphling hook is hillarious, if someone like “I’ll pull you into my mines and boom you” playstyle. Not my kind

    of skill tbh.

    Punch. Mechanic wise, its not hard to parry, but can help sometimes. From the asthetic POV, I guess this fits the

    Taurant fantasy better than Tinker, because striking with fantasy-powered fist looks more reliable on bulky,

    muscular and tall dude than short and slim girl with flimsy arms. I think this one should be replaced with kick

    animation from Chivalry:MW (but enhanced with blazing effect or something similar). Cooldown looks fine, I wouldn’t touch it.

    • Entropist:

    Or “McAladin” as I call him, due to his ability to fly on carpet and being a fat version of such dude, is for

    sure the grotesque character if we compare him to the rest of classes. Kinda i like him as my alt class.

    Skills on this class are generally fine.

    Flying carpet. Not too much to say about it, its very cool in terms of visual and usefulness, but I recommend

    reducing the cooldown or increasing the duration here by very small amount (2 sec in both cases).

    Healing grenade. I belive its animation tends to do not show on some surfaces (I belive it happened when i threw

    it on flowers, on TDM / Capture-points map with red and purple ones). Other than that, healing from it is pretty

    decent and it seems there is no problem with cooldown.

    Spirit orb. Reducing the damage + increasing the cooldown could be a good idea.

    • General / Combat:

    Ripostes. The stab / OH ones from 2h mace seems to be faster than intended I belive. I swear the ping diffrences

    weren’t too high between me and attacking foe, I had around 20-30 more than enemy.

    Attack animations. Here you should take care of Vypress mostly.

    Body movement. Ducking is not possible (or it doesn’t show properly when crouching and looking down?). Leaning

    back seems limited.

    Drags. Deaccelerated strikes hardly exists outside of taurant 2h mace.

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