Alpha Round 2 Feedback: Main Issue SPEED


    Hello, Ive been playing Mirage for the past few days and have gathered my thoughts.
    Before I start though, I have played Chivalry and Deadliest Warrior and have a fairly good understanding of its game mechanics.
    Now the main problem with Arcane Warfare is the SPEED. It is not just running and sprinting that is slow but also the weapon start up times [wind up] before they become active [damage].
    The developers have said they will be working on this and have already made progress on increasing the movement speed during this 2nd round of Alpha.
    I think the movement speed however is still too low and about 15 percent faster both sprinting and running might be a good start.
    Don’t make it so fast that it becomes deadliest warrior though, fighting in that game was rather awkward as duels would often result in bumping into each other and all kinds of funk.


    As for weapon animations and start up times this is also already in the process of being tweaked according to developers. I look forward to trying these changes.
    The goal should be to make the weapons start up faster, because at the moment, weather its the data, or the animation, the weapon seems to start from one side and all of a sudden it comes out almost instantly.
    This makes it pretty hard to read the animations when fighting and to parry.
    I’ve missed many parries in this game just cause it felt like the animation just suddenly came out. Maybe this is related to netcode as well however in the current version of Chivalry I don’t have this problem.
    Additionally, when swinging weapons in any form, and this relates to skills as well there is a massive negative mouse acceleration preventing you from controlling your drag.
    I see why this might of been more heavily enforced, it prevents exploiting the system to do crazy 360 swings.
    The problem however is the negative mouse acceleration is causing weapon dragging to become less useful. Often times even attempting this will cause me to lose track of the target easily even after a direct hit.
    This is because after the accelerated weapon drag I am now stuck in negative mouse acceleration. At this point I’m trying to reacquire my target and hes already in perfect camera position to attack me back.
    I feel like the heavy penalty on weapon drags lowers the skill ceiling of the game and adds to the slow and clunky nature of Mirage at the moment.
    Again, this also applies to skills. After a skill is used the negative mouse acceleration is also applied and it is again hard to readjust the camera.


    Now that the main issue is out of the way, I have some other thoughts. The maps feel empty and lifeless.
    This could be caused by a variety of reasons, it’s a lot harder to connect to a fantasy world like mirage.
    It has no preexisting lore and no single player to flesh out the world. The art style, although nice, is very bland.
    I don’t mean this in a negative way, but this type of art style just makes the lifeless and empty feeling stand out even more.
    I’ve seen one of the developer videos that mentioned you guys had a lot more clutter around the maps initially but then removed it for gameplay.
    I feel like atm there is no clutter at all, which is great for gameplay but not great for the world.
    Maybe a good compromise would be to add a little bit of clutter back into the maps to make them more detailed.
    Finally, I think the lack of music in the alpha is also contributing to the empty feeling of the maps.
    We need some music to kick in more often and have louder less somber music. Something to make every match feel EPIC because at the moment it definitely doesn’t feel that way.
    Chivalry doesn’t really have this same issue, possibly because medieval setting is well established in reality and everyone knows about it.
    The art is also an attempt at realism and the maps look detail and full.
    There is also some decent music for the “EPIC” feeling I’m talking about.
    This game however doesn’t have the benefit of being a medieval setting with realistic art so to achieve the same effect in Mirage will not be an easy task.


    Game modes within the current maps of Arcane Warfare are also a bit lacking. What I mean is game modes like TO and PAYLOAD [I forgot the in-game name] don’t feel quite right.
    The maps seemed to be made for every mode in mind but end up not working so great. Payload for example revolves around pushing a train from the middle to each end as a tug of war game then the round resets.
    I think it would be better to have payload function as 1 team attacking and 1 defending as traditional payload works. The maps however would need to be built for this mode to have a long point a, b, c etc.
    Meanwhile, Team Objective mode feels pretty bare right now. It doesn’t have any of the more interesting objectives like in Chivalry such as breaking chains from slaves, or slaughtering peasants.
    [If not interesting then at least more unique than generic.] I don’t feel like I have a total feel of the game modes yet though so maybe I’m wrong but this is what I’ve encountered personally.


    DUELING should also make a return to Arcane Warfare.
    One of the devs said this was in the works but I would suggest shying away from how Chivalry did it and try to do a cross between FFA Dueling and Deadliest Warrior.
    The great thing about DW is that it let you do 2v2 matches. I would love if this was implemented again for Mirage. I also think Last Team Standing should make a return for players who like 1 life modes.
    This mode could even be expanded upon and have an objective for teams to try to accomplish aside from just killing each other.


    That’s all the feedback I got, I look forward to trying the next beta. The main problem though, is SPEED.
    However for player retention and growth I think its going to be very important to get the “feel” of the maps and tone of the game down. It just feels very empty and lifeless at the moment.
    Mirage has promise though, the variety of classes are VERY good this time around compared to Chivalry. The skills are also some of the funnest I’ve used compared to games like overwatch.
    A lot of the skill combos you can come up with are pretty neat. I think the fact that this game has a MAGIC CARPET as a skill should speak for how great the skills are.
    Good Luck on Mirage! I look forward to playing the next Alpha/Beta!

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    I actually really like they way they built the Mirage world. It’s probably just how you can always find landmarks from other maps, so you know where you are situated relative to them. I didn’t have a hard time getting immersed, but maybe that’s because I knew the lore going in.

    I agree with you about the TO objectives though. I couldn’t help feeling a little disappointed at bazaar’s point capture and then payload stages, but I thought “Well, I guess it can just be the worst TO map.”. Then I played Academy and I was like “Oh.”

  • @Skindiacus I know a little bit about the lore. But what I mean is the maps just feel kinda dead like lifeless. I’m not quite sure what it is yet, maybe music will help more than I think it will. I think adding more clutter to the world will make it feel more “lived in” as well. But my main complaints with the game are more so the speed and negative mouse acceleration feels really bad in this game. I just have no control over my camera because of it.

  • @StanleyCKC Was gonna make my own post about the attack/movement speeds but you hit all the main points quite well.

    I vehemently believe that if TB deals with the melee attack speeds and the sluggishness/clunkiness of movement that this game will be an immense success, both casually and competitively. At the moment however, the speed of melee is the kind of thing that I think will make a lot of players who would otherwise really like the game just stop playing after a while.

  • Developer

    @teripper Thanks, this is absolutely our biggest issue to overcome and highest priority right now.

    Despite the massive effect it has on the experience right now It’s good to hear peoples thoughts on the games potential in general, it’s clearer then ever what we need to do and I’m excited to get more builds out.

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