Chivalry Medieval Suggestions

  • Chivalry suggestions for the future.
    Team based modes:
    I suggest rune type stones on maps in team games for now that allow a player to stick his sword in them to recharge stamina slightly faster
    while connected to stone: or even utilising existing fires where torches
    are picked up to offer this type of slightly faster regen of stamina.

    This could reduce players who practice self kills to respawn rather
    then face enemies , thus weakening the team. plus make spawn
    camping by trio’s of enemy players as with such regen points nearer to
    objectives they bases won’d have to many spawn deaths by enemies.

    a speed booster of some type might be useful also meaning if a
    player gets on on the other side of map he could get back to the
    action faster, or in the case of CTF Chivalry It would be useful.

    This could also bring cordinated base attacks with a few players
    picking up extra health or speed / armour on way to capture a flag.

    Off course no types of Quad or damage multipliers would be needed
    in Chivalry.

    You get the general ideas and any members with ideas could post them.
    Lastly It’s quite possible a way to stop rank heavy matches being won
    outright . plus players having to traverse long distances to get back
    to an objective in some cases.

    lastly they would be team specific in some cases these powerups etc
    elimating a stronger side from simply camping such things

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