I propose a horde mode compromise.

  • A lot of people here are talking about adding zombies. This is fine with me given the fictional universe which already has an undead in it. It can have interesting mechanics if we treat it like a fictional version of the black death.

    Well, other people think differently. While I think zombies would be much more fun to cut up and defend against, we can have a more realism friendly game mode.

    Agathian knights being sent to quell a peasant rebellion. You’d fight waves of filthy peasants (the filthiest) as they grow in number and aggression. They’d use hunting knives and rocks at first and eventually start using pitchforks and hunting bows. Of course they’d still be squishy and easy to kill, but the fun would be getting surrounded.

    So there. A horde mode that we can hopefully agree on. Comments?

    (either way, a zombie mod will probably crop up eventually anyways)

  • It would be better if they where just regular peasants trying to attack a castle to try to kill the royals :D

  • : ) !!! you got my vote! ….

  • This sounds a lot like my idea that I put in a comment somewhere, so I like this idea. :P

  • That would be awesome !

  • Definitely, defending a noble much like the king while fighting in the ruins of a tower against seemingly endless waves of peasants would be awesome.

  • I like the idea of a zombie mode where when you die due to a zombie you become one. sound awesome to me haha.

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