M+K Failure T-T

  • After today’s latest cancerous posts, I decided to post something productive.

    So I normally play PC Chivalry with a controller cause its what I’m used to:


    I’ve played console chivalry for 2.5 years, This is what I’m used to playing with. Simple and legit to those who start out on xbox/ps.

    Now I’ve been playing PC for 450 hours, but I’m no casual; I’ve been able to beat players with 3 times my hours using a crusty old wired 360 controller.

    Until the damn LT trigger broke yesterday after almost a year of abuse…

    MFW I couldn’t LT to parry no more https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ap4nvdEotqw

    Due to this unfortunate event, I was forced to go M+K for the first time ever----my god…


    I can’t count the times I couldn’t find the crouch key, and stabbed when I wanted to overhead.

    I’ve contemplated buying a new controller for PC chivalry, but might continue to practice so that setup isn’t such a massive hindrance to gameplay.

    As it pertains to the M+K vs controller debate, I’ve concluded that with veterans, it really depends on the set up you started out with.

  • Mouse is better for aiming, controller has better movement because it’s omnidirectional.

    On PC I use a Razer orb weaver and a Deathadder and it’s really not that hard to get used to. Have my thumb in between alt and space to jump or crouch and my pinky on sprint at all times. Wasd with my 3 other fingers.

  • Man, I don’t think I could use a controller with that setup. What I had to use on PS4 just to make the game semi playable is messed up enough already.

    Still prefer M+K. Give it about 100 hours, once muscle memory is there it’s second nature and wonderful.

  • @Hoplite-x-Viz do you ever use crouch then? This seems impractical to do.

    The only changes I use are overhead to RS click and stab to RB.

    Makes it easier to drag and duck while using a claw grip

  • @AK
    I don’t use claw, I have parry on right stick (much better than trigger for me cause my thumb is almost always on it), crouch on left, sprint on L1, slash on L2, stab on R2. I don’t alt or kick much anyways.

  • @Naleaus said in M+K Failure T-T:

    I don’t use claw, I have parry on right stick (much better than trigger for me cause my thumb is almost always on it), crouch on left, sprint on L1, slash on L2, stab on R2. I don’t alt or kick much anyways.

    I can’t do stick click for parry. Too awkward and not to mention it makes feint reading harder because u can’t press trigger in half way and stop like trigger but I would imagine it makes FTP and CFTP easier

  • @AK
    Doesn’t make feint reading hard for me, I just don’t press it at all. Carries over from mouse, can’t halfway press rmb. I assume using claw would make it more awkward to parry with it. But yeah, I ftp fast.

  • @Hoplite-x-Viz yeah, I can’t play KBM. I tried, but it’s too new for me to use it in a standard duelyard. I do just fine with my controller, honestly. If I had 2k hours played with KBM it would be different

  • @hit-trade ye when I first got back into mouse n keypad I was trash and made the excuse, if I had my controller I would destroy you… eventually I got used to side sprinting on pc using the orbweavers omnidirectional joystick. And the mouse can be tedious at times when it comes to constant 360’s but I have my mouse speed up super high. Trust me you’ll get used to it. Controller is better imo.

  • @GeneralGatelo most of the games I play are better with controller, like fighting games and DkS, so I get like no experience with KBM

  • @hit-trade exactly, fighters imo are meant to be played with a controller, however fps games like Counter strike… 1.6 source and go are so much better with a mouse and keyboard. League of legends, Dota. You get my point.

    I primarily play fighters and the controller just works better I play Tekken tag tournament 2… street fighter, marvel vs capcom… super smash Bros melee… soul caliber. (I find mortal kombat to be more of a party game because the technical skills are too lacking imo. Smash Bros can’t move side to side like MK however theres mad tech in Smash Bros.

    Chivalry or SSBM is the best game right now imo…

  • @GeneralGatelo yeah, definitely mayne. SSBM is my favorite fighter, as a comp game anyway.

  • @hit-trade I main Marth and I love to Ken combo. I think I’m just a sword person because in soul cal I use mitsurugi… on Mortal kombat I use scorpion with his swords… on tekken I use yoshimitsu. You get my point lol.

    But yah SSBM takes SO much skill and there’s so many tech skills from L cancels, DI, and wave dashes power shields shine spikes tippers grab chains…

  • @GeneralGatelo yeah the skill ceiling on Smash is hella high. Frame-perfect inputs and mad techs just make it so fun to play and so fun to watch.

  • @hit-trade yah Mango talks about how the game pampers you to where other games don’t appease your taste because wherever you want to move and whatever you wanna do your character will move frame by frame. Which is similar to Chiv. I have clips vs Midas where I duck under one of his riposte by looking down, and the next one I jump over it and then I look under it again to kill him all at no health.

    ^ Where mang0 speaks on how good the game is.

  • @GeneralGatelo lmao I remember this vid. PP is a savage imo lmao

  • @hit-trade yah he isn’t as exalted as M2k Armada Mango and Hbox but he’s really fucking good with Marth. HE beat M2K on Final destination with a Marth Ditto… that takes mad skill imo. My favorite is probably M2k because he’s probably a virgin and funny as hell.

  • @GeneralGatelo lmao ikr. They’re all pretty savage tbh

  • @hit-trade facts. TBH there’s 5 gods of smash who are the 5 gods of Chiv? All time not just now. I’d probably include Kyle.

  • @GeneralGatelo
    I’d say
    Lord of thrones
    Sir Kalliot

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