I remember when...

  • Hollowslayer Greatsword, black knight ultra greatsword, and the nameless king’s swordspear are my faves.

    Refined greatsword +10 I use for boss co-op., Fume ultra greatsword (aka pavement on a stick) I use for shits and giggles.

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    Rolling= Down fall of Strength weapons.

    It’s so stupid. Maybe I’m just bad with ultra greats but I can’t poise through their cringey dark sword spams.

    When I use stance they simply roll away, the only way of dealing with this is dodging away and doing rolling attacks or partying their spam. (Partying doesn’t work as well if they are experienced though as they’ll just alter the timing of their spam)

    Precious zwei isn’t useful anymore :(

    Or I just haven’t adapted to the new poise system. Either way it gave too much power to Dex weapons that do the same amount of damage as ultra greats, like wtf

    try no lock-on therefore happiness ahead.

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  • Try twin axes + great shield + deep soul buff.

  • I play a bit of souls from time to time (hence my sexy avatar of solaire :D ) and i’ll be happy to give anyone a friendly duel in the new arena that got released in the dlc.

    I’m not that great though to be honest and I often get destroyed by nubbies who stun-lock you with the dark sword.

    I did duel zombies a long time ago and even though he beat me hard, I parried his ass ;)

    Good times :)

  • @b00ger-Knight I love dark souls 3 but i didnt get the dlc cause besides the cool new weapons and pvp system, it seemed a little underwhelming…

    I hope we get to go to londor or something in the second upcoming dlc.

    BTW I hear a lot of hate about DS2 but I loved that game. Anyone else?

  • @Hoplite-x-Viz pvp was god awful. The DLCs and pve were fun. It gets hate because it’s not as good as the predecessor.

  • @Hoplite-x-Viz DkS1 > DkS3 >DkS2 > DeS imo

  • @hit-trade

    Never played DeS but DS2>DS1>DS3 IMO.

    DS2 first probably cause I invested alot of time into it. Lots of different areas, lore, and characters. Loved the crowns dlcs, especially the sunken king cause it brought me back to the first game. A bit easier than the first or third but I still loved it.

    DS1 My first Dark Souls experience, brought out so much rage and controller tossing out of me (FUCK O&S, SEN’S FORTRESS, CATACOMBS, BED OF CHAOS, STRAY DEMON, IRON GOLEM, AND THAT GODDAMN DEMON WITH THE TWO DOGS!).

    took me half a year with different builds till i beat it for the first and only time with my 80 hour Str/dex build. Idk If I’d ever attempt a second run, but I still loved the game.

    DS3 was good, there were a few bosses that made me rage but not impossible to beat. Loved that they payed homage to the first game in many respects. I just wish that it was a bit longer.

  • @Hoplite-x-Viz i like your opinion. here, have my upvote 😬

  • @hit-trade said in I remember when...:

    @Hoplite-x-Viz i like your opinion. here, have my upvote 😬


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