High ping in EVERY DW official server (and all Multiplay?? servers)

  • Hi

    Over the past month there’s been frequent lag spikes on every DW official server and some non-official one’s (mine included… all multiplay??). Most people’s pings go up to 200+ and stay there for 10-15+ minutes.

    This is further killing the game, if this persist the game will be abandoned… How convenient.

  • @Roag we’re changing server providers soon.

    I’m going to suggest that if this is also occurring on non-official servers, it’s related to the internet infrastructure in your area, possibly related to all the massive internet attacks that have been going on globally.

  • @Reithur Thanks for the fast reply. Yes, I think I will do the same, multiplay are dreadful.

    Regarding your edit;
    Yeh, I don’t think so. I’m seeing high ping’s on people from all over Europe, where others are fine. Majority of people have extremely high ping while one or two seem unaffected. This is not across EVERY server, but seems to be allot of them, mine included.

    Apologies for the tone of my post, it was uncalled for.

  • @Reithur you and the chiv devs should do an ama on the forums

  • @Xylo “update for console?”-us

  • @Xylo I’ll see if the team is interested.

  • How do you even play Chiv on console anyways… amazes me

  • Having opened multiple support tickets with multiplay they’re saying that this is due to packetloss affecting all their ChivDW servers.

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