In Defense of Short Capture times and Long Death Timers

  • “We’re also designing maps with competitive play in mind, Chivalry’s TO maps for example are not very well suited for it largely due to the potential length of the match and the fact that they don’t build much tension around scoring/completing objectives. These are things we’re working on providing a more exciting alternative for.”

    A major complaint I’ve heard is about the death and capture timers. I just want to raise the discussion that they are instead better being high and low respectively.
    My argument is that these mechanics help add suspense around the objectives. This is because it makes positioning matter, and it punishes death more.

    In Chivalry, you can be placed almost anywhere on the map and still can get back to the objective before the enemy captures it. The only way your positioning has any game impact is if you are defending strategic places (Side routes, catapults, choke points). There was no real importance to how many people are assigned to each defensive position. In Mirage, though, if no one on your team is on the CTF capture point, you lose in only a few seconds. It creates more strategic play because you must choose who should stay back, and who should be attacking.

    Having high death timers helps with this as well. When you’re defending an objective in Mirage, you are aware that this is your only chance. There really isn’t that effect in Chivalry. In Chiv, when you’re defending the objective, you know that if you die you still have 3 more respawns before the enemy can get past your 20 teammates. You could argue that low respawn times are better for casual play, since it doesn’t make you feel too bad when you die, but Mirage is more competitive focused, so it should be as punishing as possible, right?

    Or I might be completely wrong Idk. Let’s just make sure we’re actually considering that these timers might be good before we all call to change them, alright?