• Torn Banner the game is great and all but my freidns and i have been experiencing some bullshit shit, like Lvl 16 VS Lvl 100 and 50. I would like to make a suggestion, can you PLEASE GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER AND FIX THE RANKING SYSTEM as in make it that it starts off Lvl 0-15 then go Lvl 16-25 and Lvl 25-36 then Lvl 37-50 then LASTLY make it Lvl 50+ cause man it is bullshit to VS Lvl 100 when you are Lvl 16 just thought that that would make the community on Steam wanna play more of it since the reviews are MIXED say they expirencce the same shit so PLEASE fix the damn shit for future players so they could enjoy the game after Lvl 15

  • @Winner11 The Game meaning Chivalry Medival Warfare

    Thought you guys would have fixed this problem before the DLC’s

  • y u heff to be maed? iz onli gaem.

    protip: git gud.

  • @Xylvion i no mad just annoyed and wantin that ting to be changed

  • @Winner11 just get good mayne.

  • Wait, rank 100’s?

  • What’s the complaint here? I don’t quite understand.

    If you are referring to being beat by high ranked people, well…

    …somebody has to play the role of EZ XP


    But seriously, be the wolf not the sheep. Otherwise delete the game, you are in tryhard land.

  • Don’t bother complaining, activision wont do shit for the game while TB puts no effort into asking activision to update. Meanwhile, after lvl 15 you play against 16 to 60 on PC.

  • @CypressInstinx
    Not the console section.

    Not enough of a playerbase to maintain separation of that sort. Create an alt account and use family sharing to stay a scrub, or git gud and spend the time necessary to get better.

    Also, about your hyperbole about rank 100s, calm down. Ranks above 60 are usually a result of kill farm maps or other stupid stuff. And you can’t get to 100 anyways.

  • Nooooooo XD saw it on my unread so i thought it said console but ill leave it, atleast the last part is true. Ill make sure next time

  • There are no legit rank 100’s, the highest legit rank is 70. Also git gud

  • How to be good at chivalry IMO:

    Don’t avoid fighting high hour/ranks, these are the people you need to be playing with to strengthen your defense.

    Get used to feints, cause its a competitive technique.

    Learn how to drag, backswing, ROH, etc. these moves will help you get out of a stam war.

    Try variating your moves, repetitive techniques will be learned and taken advantage of.

    Teripper put it perfectly in a video once:

    It is whoever knows the most rediculous moves and whoever falls for the feints first that determines who wins and who loses.

  • @Hoplite-x-Viz no screw people who actually put effort into something they enjoy. those guys are douchebags and i deserve special treatment because I’m new.


  • Banned

    Maybe that would be cool to adjust 0 - 15 servers for 0 - 30 instead, as players upside 30 will be more able to fight lvl 50+ with some luck and tryhard, when under that lvl it looks nearly impossible.

  • I am not even sure there is an legit lvl 70 because of the exponential kills needed between ranks. But yeah I am not sure I understand the OP. But I think his cries of pain would be eliminated if there were no low rank servers to begin with, like when the game was released. That way there would be no unrealistic expectations, shorter learning curves, hopes and dreams would not be shattered at any rank. Currently they salt kicks in at rank 16. It is kind of like when high school and college kids get out in the real world and realize that the world doesn’t give a fuck about them.

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