Man At Arms weak?

  • Hey i noticed that nearly everyone plays anything else than man at arms which imho is the weakest class between all. Man at Arms sure need a buff to be longer sustaining in battle. Normally Knights should run out of Stamina where as Man At Arms should nearly have infinite Stamina as it is very light and agile class.

  • Not really, You just need to be cunning and agile and you will win.

  • @Warior135:

    Not really, You just need to be cunning and agile and you will win.

    Yup, the whole point is to dodge the enemy strikes with your speed advantage.

  • The MaA does not do a lot of damage, nor can he take a lot. But he is fast, and his stamina seems to be near infinite. HE controls when he fights people.

    His dodge is essentially a teleport it seems too. If one gets near you, kick him, and hope you have a fast weapon equipped, as you will NOT be able to get him with anything else.

  • I feel that the MAA is somewhat weak right now. I understand the concept about being able to dodge which is fine, but being 1hit killed by most of Vanguards/Knights 2-handed weapons is just lame.

    I would like to be able to sustain at least 1 hit so I get a warning about what’s going on and then I can react accordingly. Just my opinion though.

  • MAA is not weak imho, just much more difficult to play than knights and vanguards. He’s very unforgiving, given his low health. On a side note, try to use war axe/mace and use dodge only as offensive maneuver. Dodge costs too much stamina to be used as a regular defensive maneuver, and if you dodge out of range your enemy can use a combo strike to hit you when you move back in after his strike has passed. You may hit him also, but trading hits is very bad for you as MAA. Use dodge to close the distance, because just about all enemy weapons have more range than you do. Once you facehug your enemy, keep the pressure on him, parry his strikes and stay close, he will have more difficulty to parry your faster strikes. Your biggest advantages are your high movement speed, weapon attack speed and high dps.

  • In a way every class is awesome when in the hands of an awesome player but MaA needs that little bit more than average than the others. It’s not weak in general, it’s vulnerable for sure but as long as you use every tricks in the book (Dodge, duck, jump, etc.) playing as MaA can be really, really effective. I’ve seen a skilled MaA top the scoreboards multiple times. ;)

  • The starter broadsword with Man at Arms does feel pretty weak to me somehow. But once you’ got to the nordic sword with it’s lightning fast stab attack that deals good damage. You can start dodging in and out of range and start poking people to death left and right. That’s when Man at Arms starts to feel very powerful.

  • Broadsword is indeed a very weak weapon unfortunately.

  • The Man At Arms is my favorite class. If you practise your blocking and footwork a bit its a maniac.

    Man At Arms in combination with the Norse sword or the Flanged Mace is very very deadly. You’ll slice through those tincans like butter.


  • @SlyGoat:

    Broadsword is indeed a very weak weapon unfortunately.

    Do you know if the Devs are going to buff it? Right now it’s pretty lackluster compared to the axes/maces…but I like the broadsword’s style anyway :D

  • Definitely not weak. Using the bigger shield helps alot: I find it much more useful than any throwing weapons because it saves you from alot of hits and lets you approach the heavy classes with confident and safety.
    Plus, There are a few tricks that work wonders for me:

    1. Against a heavier class: Block, dash forward (you have less reach) and strike. The block will stagger them and they usually won’t be able to block. If possible, follow with a combo.
    (Generally, if you need to get closer, don’t walk, dash forward. It’s much quicker and harder to counter).

    2. Look for opportunities to dodge attacks by dashing backwards (best when people run at you). This is much better than blocking because you can attack them right after they finish their attack and they’ll be unable to parry/block/dodge or do anything else. It’s also more difficult and risky, because a mistake can cost you your life, but it grants you a sure hit.

    3. When a knight/vanguard runs at you and prepares an attack, dash forward and strike before they finish their windup (they can’t block after they launched an attack). They’ll be suprised, hurt and flinch while you prepare another attack.

    Note: Mastering the different strikes helps greatly:
    1. When the hit’s easier to land, make it an overhead. Every bit of damage is important as a MaA.
    2. When it isn’t, use the slash (when at very close quarters, targets spinning around you, ETC). Sometimes, landing a hit can save your life. At those times, it’s more important to land any hit than to deal more damage.
    3. Use stab when the enemy’s far away and dashing forward isn’t enough. The combined reach of the dash and the stab can catch enemies off-guard and actually hit.

  • Well i never saw the proper KDs on Man At Arms. Knights and after that Vanguards seem the most ultimate class in every server i was in.

  • personaly maa is one of my best class … its a bit harder than the other one but with practice , the mma is deadly … i can easely go againts 2 knight with the maa with win with ease … i personaly think the maa is perfect like it is ( specialy with the dagger … give the dagger a try ,the thrusting att is beyond deadly and anoying if you time it well )

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