Alpha 2 Review and Opinion

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    Mirage: Alpha Round 2 Review

    I haven’t had time to read every bug report and patch logs so hopefully I don’t overlap too much with what has been previously mentioned.

    Favorite vs least favorite class

    • I found myself using the Vigilist more than the rest especially on obj based modes. The mix of defense and team support abilities is great.

    • My least favorite would be the Alchemancer. For me this class has two big drawbacks, only range and no weapon. The homing spell ability is helpful but the fact that all its attacks could potentially just be blocked or reflected hurts its appeal. I think something like a single sabre class sword would benefit. I can understand the play-style is opposite of how I often play, do dmg from afar, retreat if needed but not having a weapon is very unappealing.

    Favorite vs least favorite ability

    • Generally I like all of the abilities. Most seem to fit the likeness and play-style of that class very well. Favortie would have to be the Vigilist’s Dome Barrier. The voice command sounds cool BONVITAAHHH! or w/e. It can be used pretty well offensively as well as obv defense. The dome hp could use a tiny boost but condensed enemy dmg should break it really.

    • For least favorite I would go with the Tinker’s Kickflip. Not sure if it’s the animation or just the way I play but this seemed to confuse me more than help. I’ve seen it played against me well a couple times but it seems strange and with vaulting its not terribly hard to find a way out. This is picky I didn’t have much distaste for any ability.


    • Movement is getting some mixed reviews but I don’t mind the pacing. Footwork is a bit slow in battles it seems and this is most of my fight-style, dodging last second and using footwork against multiple enemies. This hinders that a bit but it’s not terrible. (different game, different pace) Maps are small in general so it doesn’t necessarily need to be as fast as Chivalry, especially with vaulting.


    • Visually and weapon type choice is cool for the different class styles. Other than a few animation quirks with longer weapons I didn’t have an issue with the weapon combat (parry and boxes have been discussed and I know they’re adjusting them so no comment on that)


    • This was my main attraction to this TB game as it ventures more into the moba type gameplay. At it’s core it’s still very much the TB combat but this is a welcomed addition in this fantasy atmosphere. It adds a bunch of new obstacles and attacks to be aware of over just melee/archer combat. It makes a more hectic front line imo and it’s fun to overcome and even die to the mayhem. (ragdoll so much fun, plz don’t change) They all add to the class play-style in a way that fits the characters and adds enough to balance the others out even if it needs a little tweaking.

    • The mix of short and med-long range abilities is great, helps keep everyone in the action. The particles look great and the “weight” difference to abilities in terms of knock-back and staggering seem to make sense to me. If there was a player made ability contest mine would be for the Tinker and the Alchemancer.

    • Tinker whips out a pirate blunderbuss and almost immediately fires. High dmg close range but scatters like DW blunder at long range. Highish cooldown and knocks her back a bit.

    • Alchemancer could summon a blade or melee weapon that vanishes later, does lower dmg that real weapon.

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    General Feedback for Environments, Maps, Levels

    • Love the overall atmosphere and design to the game. Most maps seem on the small side but as I said before I think it’s set for this slower pacing and the scale of Chiv should not necessarily be compared. The larger maps are big enough to offer enough alternate routes to have variety to the match flow. If the pushing is paced better I think it would benefit overall.

    • The map size creates another issue to me entirely, dealing with spawn zones. I saw it plenty of times where players were getting trapped in the spawn by a horde of opposing players. Even if the player is new, they shouldn’t be subjected to this right out of the gate. If spawns could be more out of place or even have a shield repelling the other team that might help. I know this essentially spawn camping as really the player shouldn’t rush out into a roving gang of enemies but with rank and team balancing that will help this a bit. It just seems to turn whole matches into a meat grinder and no one really paying attention to obj. This is subjective to many conditions but I just saw it too much and it could turn away some players imo. Some players are ruthless ;)

    • I would say for the small push maps the match times should be longer and the speed of push slower. When we had even opposing teams it was so fun to push a bit, fight for control, rinse repeat. Always getting closer but not finishing until a well played breakthrough. This was very enjoyable as a mix of fighting and obj mode. But then at some point there’s a lapse in opposing players due to spawning usually and they just rush the ark through and round over. I’m sure that’s just how it’s working currently but I think slowing the push down would make this best.

    Overall it seemed well designed with variety and different routes and adding vaulting is fantastic, opens it all up a bit more. Favorite map is the Sunken City, esp the small push version. Fun L shape with a lower route, quick to fight and obj. The courtyard map that starts as point and carries into push is the best long map style. Seems like this is the obj types from Chivalry. I hope for more of these and possibly longer versions. Even if the map isn’t wide open but has more tiers of obj that carries it forward on a narrower path that would be great for this pace. A giant magical door to bash in, special character A.I that helps a team, environment traps,… I see I’m listing Chiv stuff, just those kinds of obj chains. I shall miss burning entire villages in the name of a king whose cause I have yet to understand.


    • I didn’t have much alone time or many “patient” enough players to test bugs. Overall the experience is great visually. I used a combo of Vypress abilities to try and escape out of some maps and vault into strange areas but I was always stopped or vault was not usable. Other bugs I saw were either not reproducible or I only experienced once.

    • The buggiest one was a CTF map (SC) just multiplying the spawn timer and the flags disappeared and timer never ran out. I figured it was a server issue, never saw it again…


    • As stated combat is nice and hectic if the players are matched well. Vaulting adds another dimension to the pace and overall battlefield awareness. At first I thought the abilities were overpowered —What a joke…NERF -IGN-- but as I played more I saw how much they counteract each other and having the parry to deflect balances it out well enough to keep it fun. The amount of dmg from smaller weapons to HP seemed strange at first but combined with dmg from spells and abilities it adds up. The parry for perfect deflect is super fun and the window seems about right.

    • The weightiness of the whole game is fitting for pace and it seems the abilities have the correct knock back and stagger according to size/energy. I almost wish you could not parry these just to mix things up. I understand some stagger when parried but shields and other abilities should deflect them instead of deflecting a boulder with a sabre.


    • Graphically this looks ok at low and pretty damn shiny and chrome on Ultra. Textures can sometimes get a bit iffy close up but we’re not playing to smell the daisies. I could play at an OK frame-rate maxed out on an older card and there’s much less wacky/overlapped video glitches as with Chivalry. UE4 polish has made for a much smoother feel as well as highlighting the new shader look very well.

    General Questions

    • Will the Vigilist’s Monolith stop a pushable object?

    • Does a volley back and forth of a spell (perfect parry) have a limit and will it decrease in dmg as it travels?

    • Will we see long form maps similar to Chivalry in longevity vs scale?

    • About how many players participated?

    • Can I play SP with bots even off test phase?


    Arcane was a fun and salty time with a cool concept assembled over the Chivalry melee system. Combining your play-style with melee/ability combos can make for a fun time when done correctly. Game played and ran better overall on UE4. I wish there were more players available but it might just be a timezone delay. Maybe an increase of four days to a week to really sink in more time? :p

    Glad to be a part of the test and I shall wait patiently for the next one. Thanks TB! Keep up the great work.


  • Developer

    Thanks for the excellent writeup!

    Will the Vigilist’s Monolith stop a pushable object?
    Right now it doesn’t but we had this working a very long time ago and might consider it again, the dynamic objective it turns the monolith into can add a lot of variety.

    Does a volley back and forth of a spell (perfect parry) have a limit and will it decrease in dmg as it travels?
    There is no damage loss nor is it planned.

    Will we see long form maps similar to Chivalry in longevity vs scale?
    It’s a possibility, that’s about as much as I can say right now!

    About how many players participated?
    2000-3000 players in total have participated for both the builds so it really isn’t a lot. We’re still keeping the numbers low as we work on the core concerns and some big technical issues.

    Can I play SP with bots even off test phase?
    No, sadly not. We are looking at some really interesting stuff with bots but they are still pretty rough.

  • Global Moderator

    @Vesros said in Alpha 2 Review and Opinion:

    Can I play SP with bots even off test phase?
    No, sadly not. We are looking at some really interesting stuff with bots but they are still pretty rough.

    Um, I’m inclined to disagree.

  • @Vesros

    No problem it was a fun time. Thanks for answering my questions!

    I hope the monolith can affect the push somehow just to mix it up as you said. 2-3K players is more than I imagined but I understand it will grow with the new builds. Good luck!

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