This Day in Console Clan History (Correlation)

  • Credit to @Xylo for the TB site statistic, via “the way back machine”

    “SAVAGE SUMMER” 2014…

    In August 2014, the TB website reached its highest visitor/user peak.

    At the same time…

    1. The DA clan salt machine was alive and well, and General Firefly got tons of hate for it.

    2. SDS and ATOM had a dispute over who won the latest clan war, and the following morning the infamous “Atom Lies” thread was authored by a splinter of SDS members (who will remain anonymous).

    3. ATOM members and SDS members started feuding both on the forums and in game, spawning the #dealwithit hashtag. This continued until ATOM and SDS started beefing with HOG.

    “HOG WINTER” 2015…

    The TB Forums reached a peak in January-February 2015.

    At the same time…

    1. SDS and ATOM turned their attention towards Reborn Chief’s HOG, who was claiming to be “The best clan on console”

    2. Everybody started making accounts to argue with either HOG or SDS and ATOM.


    TB reached a second peak in late 2015

    1. Various new clans started to sprout up. The clan hub was never busier.


    I. THINK. NOT.

  • Seems legit

  • @Hoplite-x-Viz i created the atom lies thread kek

  • @MaHarold true but also SDS members where behind it. I didn’t feel that it was right to point the finger at just one person for that incident lol.

  • @Hoplite-x-Viz lol. The good ol days. When Kauser had no idea what the help he was doing and the game was 10x more fun

  • @AK Firecracker999

  • FIRECRACKER999 for cringiest gamertag 2k15

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