Please ban people teaming in FFA

  • Almost every FFA server is being ruined by people teaming. They get into a group of 5+ people and just team, and it is ruining the game mode. If you agree to start banning them then I have a list of players with video evidence who are majorly teaming

  • @zigglr6 they do this on Xbox one as well.

    I love free for all but when there is a gathering of douche bags who don’t hit each other I totally agree it ruins the game .

    I used to be able to get 50 kills 10 deaths in one full match.

    Now I can only get 25 with 20 deaths due to the Grease level of some players .

    Free for all is for free for all

    Team games are for teaming up with friends

  • I prefer duel yard ffa tbh. Console duel mode sucks something fierce. All the best duels are in ffa duel yards.

  • @SDS-NewAgeKnight Anyone who duels makes a private game Ffa.

    This is PUBLIC free for all where there is NOT supposed to be duels .

    Everyone says it’s because they are dueling but that’s complete lies man. There’s people who only stand by their friends and don’t hit each other.

    They don’t duel either they Hit and grease anyone who isn’t their friend .

    Why don’t I just bring my clan into free for all and do the same thing ?

    Two wrongs don’t make a right

    We just go to team game modes like normal people .

    To anyone who teams up in free for all, you know who you are. Cunts.

    My question for you @SDS-NewAgeKnight is if Public FFA is where dueling takes place then where does FFA take place??? Exactly…

  • @King-Roffledude Private ffa don’t give you the chance to duel any random person who joins. If you are getting jumped I’m pretty sure there is a reason for it. Whenever I walk up to any of the people standing next to each other and bow I always get an honorable duel.

  • @SDS-NewAgeKnight any random person ? It’s always the same 10 people in free for all. Why don’t you fucks go make a private game and let us FAIR players have fun :)

    I remember you hardly played FFA on 360. You must have hated actually having a free for all.

    The days of Masamunekadoya and myself getting 60 kills every game over and over and over.

    Him using Zwei and me using Greatsword

    A very fun time

    I miss my free for all.

    Most fun about it all was masa, demon , BuckWyld , RK momomoseph , population zero , u4rickrainbow, XMadadamX, I end zombies , hide yo o Kidz , and many many more we would ALL kill each other .

    It makes me sad seeing these people team up today and think they are good. Please don’t say the duel thing again because when I watch 3 players mangle a lvl 12 that’s not a duel lmfao I’m not the only one that gets picked on. I’ve had a few friends completely quit playing the game because of those free for all gankers

  • @King-Roffledude I always see different people in duel yard ffa lol. And I’m not a fan of all out ffa because there is no skill involved. It’s just find a mosh pit and back stab for the kill… Or find the bloodiest player and back stab for the kill. No skill. Getting 50+ kills in a ffa proves nothing.

  • @SDS-NewAgeKnight All out Free for all makes you a better player.

    If you don’t think that’s true then don’t think it’s true I guess hahaha.

    It helps u stop back stabbers, helps u fight multiple people
    Without healing, it helps u get generally more aware of everything .

    If getting 50 kills takes no skill how come I’ve never seen you do it on 360.

    I remember you’d play half a game or a game then quit and go to TDM or TO.

    You can’t tell me you’ve forgotten all the times I’ve won FFA . Even on Xbox one I won 6 games in a row one day . 25 + kills every game and that’s with the stupid group team healers . I still win .

    So by all means… Keep teaming up in FFA guys and I shall keep killing everything hehe

  • @King-Roffledude Playing TO and TDM do the same thing. I did play ffa on 360 a lot lol IDK where you were half the time.

  • @King-Roffledude Like I keep saying you don’t like our community? Start your own.

  • @SDS-NewAgeKnight I love the community, the People who run it are questionable. Now you guys have like a chivalry council with space cake and he’s like a 14 year old British kid.

    You guys can do what y’all want haha I’m just saying I hate the free for all gank fest .

  • Duel yard is a map. Not the name for FFA Duels.
    They’re typically just called that or classic duels.

    FFA has no rules, so people can do what they want. If they’re dueling you’re free to piss them off by shooting them or fire potting every live.

  • @Naleaus I agree. But if your in that kind of game and do that, expect to get jumped.

  • @King-Roffledude Space is 17 what are you talking about lol

  • @SDS-NewAgeKnight
    If you’re dueling on a public FFA, expect to get your duels ruined.

    I don’t see the point of dueling on public matches. PC FFA Duels are run on their own servers that have admins, ability to votekicked, a specific map and the server typically includes FFA or Classic duels in the name. You’d get more duels with less body guarding with a private match.

  • @Naleaus Clearly the majority of Xbox likes duel ffa over all out ffa. Because the duels would be impossible if more people came in and ganked.

  • @King-Roffledude not everyone is like that. I go in ffa lobby’s to duel but if someone is there that isn’t then I’m not going to fight in any 2v1s or more. And if I’m dueling someone and we’re attacked I let the person I was fighting 1v1 the other and I go find someone else to duel.

  • @King-Roffledude said in Please ban people teaming in FFA:

    @SDS-NewAgeKnight I love the community, the People who run it are questionable. Now you guys have like a chivalry council with space cake and he’s like a 14 year old British kid.

    You guys can do what y’all want haha I’m just saying I hate the free for all gank fest .

    14 year old British kid? Ahaha. I’m 17.

  • @C4KE-from-SP4C3 I was close !

  • @King-Roffledude I suppose you were xD

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