It's Over.

  • It’s happening guys. I’m done with Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, for all platforms.

    A while back, I said I was done, but I kept playing anyway. Not this time. I’m officially done. It’s time to start something new, and time to leave the past behind me. Thanks to Doctor @epickillmaster for giving me the motivation to just want to stop.

    I’m no longer in HIT TRADE, ATOM, or a member of the Chivalry community. I will keep tabs on the forums to see how things are going, but I’m not going to post anymore. I don’t care about my skill level anymore. I was a good player, and I’m recognized for it—that’s all I need. No more salty arguments about who is better. I know my place, and so do many others.

    Just as a disclaimer, I do not play on a smurf account, so do not assume any smurfs are me if you don’t know who it is. The only account I play on is ATOM x Homura, level 53. I also am no longer in HIT TRADE, or ATOM, as I am retired. It should go without saying, but someone will ask.

    A wise man once told me, “Never forget where you came from,” and as such, Chivalry will always hold a special place in my heart as one of the greatest games of all time, even on console. Blah blah, nobody cares.

    My GT will always be ATOM x Homura, and my Kik is nanayaxren. If you’re curious, myself and Refugee Recall are planning on moving over to Gears of War 4, and getting really good at that. I’m also planning on jumping back into Overwatch, Battlefield 1, Dark Souls 3, and various other games.

    Anyway, enough nonsense! I’m done here!

    Onward for the light, brethren!! charges and battlecries into the distance

  • Cool beans

  • you won’t be missed

  • @King-Roffledude said in It's Over.:

    Not a person is going to miss you :)

    Are you saying I’m not a person? :’(

  • Pce bro… I wanna gitgud in gears 4… that game has such a high skill ceiling and a plethora of technical skills required to play it well. Which is hard to find in a FPS game… 2v2 Gnasher arena is my shit.

  • @hit-trade After only being in a clan with you for a few months, I can say I learned a lot about you as a member of the community. You were respectful and kind to most, and now you’re finally moving on. I have to say that I will miss you on Chivalry, I guess the biggest threat on U.S. East is now oskxdominationx.

    It’s sad to see you go, and I really didn’t expect you to leave our community. Farewell, Homura. It was great having you as a fellow clan-mate and as a friend. Hopefully one day I can find it in my heart to leave Chivalry as you are doing. That’s one more soul saved, I bid you farewell, good sir.

  • Hate to see you go :( I still hope we can still party up and play bf1, over watch, and gears when I get it

  • Never forget who discovered you ;) lol But fo real Tho great times broham, even all the beefs, wars and story lines that we have been around for. Enjoy retirement homie. Deuces!

  • @hit-trade Dark Souls 3 all day nigga good luck with your future endevours.

  • @hit-trade 7-1 Huemora

  • Cya next week

  • Banned

    @hit-trade Glad I could do something useful for once, cuz we all know I aint kendo acing anyone anytime soon XP

  • Banned

    @King-Roffledude said in It's Over.:

    Not a person is going to miss you :)

    Did anyone else notice that there was only one negative post on this thread? NEW FORUM RECORD!!!

  • Banned

    @epickillmaster Not meant to be a shot at you @King-Roffledude plz don’t take that personally <3 X{(l)}

  • @King-Roffledude said in It's Over.:

    Not a person is going to miss you :)

    I will miss you homura

  • Banned

    @Not-A-Person Lel, I love myself

  • Banned

  • @epickillmaster removed

  • @MaHarold ah it got fucking removed how queer

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