Game crashes - server browser screen.

  • Hi guys,

    Been playing this game for the first time today and I’ve had at least 5 crashes over about 6 hours. Most of these have been from the server browser screen, while loading the server list. I get a black screen and a “UDK.exe has stopped working” message. I have also crashed a couple of times while playing, getting the same message. I’ve verified game cache on steam and deleted the folder in my documents.

    Phenom X4 3.3ghz
    gigabyte mobo
    HD6850 w/ latest drivers
    4gb ram

  • i get that one too :( fix it please

  • Glad to know I’m not alone. I’d like to add that deleting the folder in my docs has caused me to lose all my weapon unlocks which is even more of a pain than the crashing. If you are going to recomend a crash fix like that please at least warn people of the consequences. Pretty disapointing overall, the game should still be in beta with amount of bugs and issues still present. I wont be recommending the game to anyone.

  • When you go to the server browser, dont do ANYTHING. Let it load the full server list then move your mouse, click etc…

    It crashes if you do stuff while it loads the list

  • no you are not alone.
    I havew the same problem.
    There is also a other thread with this prob

    Delete the Chivalry Folder in myGAmes (Documents). That helps and you can play.

    I hope they fix it soon.

  • Sure… it works TEMPORARELY… but yeah the steam verify makes some direct x reinstall and the my games / chivarly remove makes your stats reset. ?

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