Chivalry Xbox montage: HÅV0C

  • If you would like to I would strongly appreciate it if you could check out my montage that I recently made on YouTube. Here’s the link:

    Most of you probably don’t know who I am and this is because I spend most of my time in us east team objectives and free for alls. I am merely a pubstomper, and nothing more. :)

    Warning: I play both third person and first in this montage so if you get triggered by third person then I recommend you don’t watch it. This montage will hopefully be the first of many as I continue in getting clips in public lobbies.

    I played a bit of pc before coming to Xbox so if you’re thinking I have a really low gamer score or that I’m not that bad for my level, that is why. I will not be sharing my steam username. On that happy note, I hope you enjoy it and I’ll see you on the battlefield! :)

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