Looking for a New Graphics Card

  • Hey there,

    currently im Using a Sapphire HD5770 1gb and Im not really happy with this on Chiv.

    My Specs,
    Phenom x2 QUad 3.4ghz
    8gb DDr2 Ram

    Im looking for an improvement on my current Graphics up to 120€.
    Wich card would you suggest.

  • Not sure how prices are where you shop, I just converted the amount to USD to see what was in budget. Look into the 650ti or HD 7770, the 650ti being the stronger of the two, and if you do go this route, make very sure you’re getting the 650ti and not the regular 650.

  • Ty for reply
    does it matter if its 1gb or 2gb ?

    Thinking of this one:

    ASUS HD7770-DC-1GD5-V2 1024MB DDR5 PCI-E 3.0 128bit

  • If you’re playing below 1080p than 1gb should be fine. Even at 1080p there may be a few games that take more than 1gb, but you’ll run into a GPU horsepower bottleneck before a VRAM bottleneck. So yea, that GPU you chose should be a noticeable improvement, but don’t expect something like double the performance.

  • At that price point I think you should look around for a second hand card, try computer forums from your country or maybe swap meets. A high end card from 2 years ago is likely better than the low-medium range offers of today. I’d be suprised if you couldnt find a HD6870 or better at that price.

    Obviously there is a bit more risk buying 2nd hand but if it all works out it can be much better value. Good luck.

  • Hey.

    Tom’s Hardware does a good roundup of video cards per price point each month:

    http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/gam … ,3107.html

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