How to Start Playing Mirage: Arcane Warfare

  • How to Start Playing Mirage

    Welcome to the Mirage: Arcane Warfare Public Alpha Test! The following steps will help you activate your key, select some basic preferences, and find a match!

    Please use the following guide to install, configure and get into a match, and learn about our User Interface!

    Images may not represent in-game menus or interface exactly

    Installing and Launching

    1) Activate the Game Key you received in your email and install the game;
    0_1478811122020_Activate Steam Key.png

    2) Once the game is installed, launch Mirage: Arcane Warfare Public Test from your Steam Library

    • A Mirage loading banner will appear and the game may take a few minutes to load.

    0_1478811432796_Loading Banner.png

    Please wait until the main menu is loaded

    0_1478811859942_Mirage Main Menu.jpg

    Note: We do not currently have music for our Main Menu; this will be added when it is ready!

    Configure your Preferences

    The first thing you should do is choose your preferences in the Options menu.
    You can exit the Options menu at any time by clicking the X in the upper-right corner or by pressing Escape on your keyboard.

    1) Click the Options Gear in the Upper Right-Corner of the main menu

    0_1478812323097_Configuration - Video.jpg

    Recommended Video Adjustments

    • Adjust your Windowed Mode preference and Resolution to fit your display
      • Alt-Tabbing while in Full-Screen mode is known to cause some issues; it is recommended that you use Windowed Fullscreen if you intend to Alt-Tab away from the game and back
    • Ensure that your VSynch is Disabled and that Framerate Smoothing is Uncapped
      • This greatly enhances performance for AMD video cards
    • Adjust your Field of View slider to match your preference
    • Open the Video Quality dropdown box and select Auto to adjust for best performance of your system

    Remember to press the Apply Button to save your changes!

    2) Select the Game button from the top of the menu

    0_1478812516565_Configuration - Game.jpg

    Recommended Game Adjustments

    • Sprint Preference - Sprint by Default is Hold Shift to Sprint. Enable Auto-Sprint to Sprint automatically when moving forward
    • Our Hint System is not yet available; please review our Hints & Tool-Tips thread for a list of Hints that will eventually be enabled in-game
    • It is recommended that you play the game at first before adjusting your mouse sensitivity; If you find the game moves your mouse too slowly or too quickly, adjust the sensitivity up or down in this menu
    • Enable Invert Y-Axis if you prefer your camera controls to move more like flight simulator controls; default is Look Down by moving the Mouse Down
    • Enable or Disable the Chatbox
    • Show or Hide the Character Voice Over messages in Chat (Recommended to Hide VO Messages as the chatbox can fill up with them quickly)
      Show or Hide Player Names and Markers
      • Names of players when your Crosshair is pointed at them
      • Triangular markers that show where your teammates are located in-game (useful for navigation and for knowing when to wait for reinforcements!)
    • Remember to press the Apply Button to save your changes!

    3) Select the Audio button from the top of the menu

    0_1478812965691_Configuration - Audio.jpg

    Recommended Audio Adjustments

    • Make any desired adjustments here
    • Return to this menu if you wish to disable Voice Chat or adjust the volume of other’s Voices
    • Press and Hold V to use the in-game Voice Chat
      Remember to press the Apply Button to save your changes!

    4) Select the Keybindings button from the top of the menu

    • Review the list of Actions and their default keys
    • You can also review the bindings in-game by pressing and holding F1 while in a match
      Rebind Actions to other keys or change your layout for your keyboard, mouse or game controller
    • You can use the Restore Defaults button if you wish to return to Default Keybindings

    5) Return to the Main Menu using the Home button

    Finding a Match

    The following will help you choose a server and enter a match against other players!

    1) Select the Server Browser Button from the top of the Main Menu to access the Server Browser page

    • You will see a Loading bar while the server browser receives responses from available servers

    0_1478813154406_Server Browser - Loading.jpg

    • If you cannot see any servers on the list
      • Ensure that your Steam profile is set to Online
      • Ensure that your Server Browser is searching for Internet servers (bottom-left of the server browser Window)
      • Ensure that your Server Filter options are all Disabled
      • Restart Steam - our server browser uses Steam to connect to servers and any interruption to Steam can prevent the server browser from loading
      • Ensure that you are trying to play during an Alpha Test weekend! We close access to our servers when we are finished a round of Alpha testing! Check the message on the game’s main menu for dates.

    2) Once server browser has finished loading, you can select a server to join.

    0_1478813222027_Server Browser - Server Selection.jpg

    • Click on a server from the list, then click the Arrow at the right-side of the list to join that server
      • It is recommended to join a server with low Ping
      • You can adjust how the servers are sorted by clicking the Column Headers at the top of the Server Browser or by enabling the Advanced Filters on the left-hand side

    3) Once you click the Join button, a Loading screen will be shown while the map is loaded

    0_1481827854631_Map Loading Screen.png

    • This screen shows you;
      • A brief overview of the objective
      • A loading in progress indicator to show you that the game is working
        • If this stops moving for a long time, you may need to force the game to close and try again

    Selecting a Team and Class

    Once you join a match, you can select a team or Spectate
    1) Select a Team

    0_1478813532786_Team Selection.jpg

    • Choose between Azar and Bashrahn by clicking one of the large coloured emblems
    • Number of players per team is shown below each team
      • Autobalance may prevent you from selecting a team; this is done to prevent an unbalanced match. Autobalance does not currently balance by player skill or rank, only number of players per team
    • You can return to this screen at any time by pressing the N key after you choose a team or spectate

    2) Class Selection

    • Select a class by clicking a Class Portrait (1 in the image)
      • Class limits are enabled by default; a limit of 1 Alchemancer or 2 of any other class is currently in place to prevent unbalancing the teams.
        • Limit Reached will be displayed on a class that has already reached the limit
      • If a Class portrait is darkened, it is not available to select for this round of testing
    • Once a class is selected, you can choose Abilities from the right-hand side
    • Hold your mouse over the ability to learn more about it
    • Click the Weapon tab to open the Weapon Selection menu and choose a weapon
    • Click the Play button to spawn into the match

    In-Game Overview

    Once you spawn in, you’ll be placed into a Spawn Area and shown the 1st Person Head’s Up Display (HUD)

    1) Spawn Area

    0_1478813677462_In-Game Overview - Match Start.jpg

    • This area is protected by Spawn walls to prevent the opposing team from entering and to keep players contained until the match starts
    • The Warm-up timer is displayed at the top of the screen
      • The circular indicator (blue circle) shrinks as the timer counts down
    • During Warm-up, your abilities cooldown very quickly, allowing you to try them out; Default keybinds are Q, E, or F to try an ability!
    • Your teammates are marked with a small triangle; this helps you know where your allies are and can help you decide where to go and whether to wait for reinforcements (you can disable these markers in the Configuration > Game menu)
    • You can switch between 1st Person (pictured above) or 3rd Person by pressing the P key (default)

    2) Match In Progress

    0_1478813749305_In-Game Overview - Match In Progress.jpg

    • Objective Scoring and overall progress are shown at the top of your screen
      • Your team is currently shown in blue (Cyan) and the opposing team is shown in their colour
      • Objective Scoreboards and progress indicators vary by the type of objective that is being played
    • Objective Markers are floating and directional; as you turn your character, these markers will move to always show the direction of the objectives
      • Objective Progress indicators are shown on the Objective Markers as a coloured bar around the edge of the marker
        • Objective Progress will grow or shrink around the marker as progress is gained or lost
    • Players killed by enemies will drop Essence; this will restore Health, Stamina, and reduce your cooldowns
      • Looks like floating blue orbs
      • Take the time to collect these after a battle!
      • Walk over Essence to pick it up
        • You can earn a small amount of extra health if you are already at or near full health; this is shown as a yellow overlay on the health bar and is slowly lost over time until you return to maximum health

    0_1478813846602_In-Game Overview - Objectives and Wounded.jpg

    • If you are low on health, you will see a red shadow around the edge of your screen (this is called a vignette)
      • If you avoid attacking, you will slowly regain health; sometimes it’s better to avoid the enemy and strike when you are recovered!
    • After you use an ability, it will go into Cooldown
      • That ability turns red and a timer is displayed (in seconds) and counts down until the ability is ready again
      • If you are hit while trying to activate an ability, that ability may be interrupted; it will go into an Interrupted Cooldown which is shorter than the normal Cooldown
    • If you tap and hold Jump low wall, you will Vault up to the top of it
    • If you tap Jump twice, you can WallJump
      • Tap Jump twice and hold it to WallJump + Vault to reach higher ground!

    Suggestions and Feedback

    If you have any feedback for how to improve this post or questions about any of the topics covered here, please paste it below. We can provide specific answers & update this post as required.

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