Game Sync problems

  • Game always resets to the last steam sync, ive tried reinstalling, turning off the steam cloud, and turning it off on my other computer but nothing seems to work.

  • don’t you get a dialog box that gives you the option to keep the old one or used the new one?
    also I thought the files were now in another location after some patch to fix out ini edits

  • @WolfThorne do you mean your customizations or settings are resetting each time you launch the game?

  • Hi Reithur, I am having the same problem, my customizations and settings are resetting each time I launch the game from my PC. have been playing on my laptop, but those files are gone.
    I tried to update from and to steam cloud, but it didnt work.
    BTW I cant find UDKEngine.ini on my PC anymore, could it be the cause?

  • @Leading If you can’t find the files, it may be that they’re not being saved locally.

    These files are normally stored in your \Documents\My Games\Chivalry Medieval Warfare\UDKGame\Config folder. Can you please look for this folder?


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