Autobalance to ON

  • Hi Guys,

    Set up a server which is running well and full all the time :) but a lot of players have asked me to turn autobalance on but I cannot find where it is ??

    I have searched on the forums here but cannot find the line & file it is in ….

    Any help for this noob is appreciated guys


  • Auto-balance is a major issue that’s being resolved by the dev team. They did install the code but it’s not working as intended (read: Not working at all). It doesn’t have anything to do with your server. :)

  • In PCServer-UDKGame.ini you can set bAutoBalance to true and it should work.

  • Thanks M8,

    Will do this today, and well done apart from a few glitches, we had a full server most of the night. We have a certain map that crashes the server, and I will need to find which one that is…. however i have the game set to auto restart so everything seems fine.

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