Public Testing Build #3 - Release Notes

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    Mirage Tutorial section added to our forum

    Mirage Welcome Post

    Big changes to look for:

    Pace of movement and combat flow

    We’ve made big changes to improve this, specifically with gameplay but also with animation and gamemodes.
    This has been the biggest concern with the game so getting feedback on this is really important to help us figure out the what to prioritize next.


    Many changes to his abilities and completely new main attack sets, the changes hope to solve the issues that have been brought up in the last 2 builds and make him a more viable class overall.

    higher playercount servers

    We’ll be putting up some 10v10 servers this weekend and we’re really interested in hearing everyones feedback on how it feels.


    Symmetrical modes changed to a multi-score victory approach, with secondary objectives and kills of the enemy team also giving score.


    While we’ve found and fixed more stuff here we haven’t gotten to it all yet, there are some issues causing frequent issues with gameplay where your swings might not connect, parries can fail and various other issues.

    This is gonna take a little longer to resolve but we are working on it and hope to have it in a much better state soon.

    Revisions: 60216 - 62311

    Featured maps


    Major changes

    • Alchemancer overhaul with 2 new weapons
      • Removed fireball set
      • Added Rocket
        • LMB Rocket projecetile
        • Standard Parry
        • Overhead + Stab melee attack on the scrollwheel
      • Added Fire sword
        • Standard melee alternative
    • Disabled the Entropist, he’ll be back next build
    • Many updates and tweaks to speed and the pace of the game
      • This primarily touches general movement + Melee & ability timings
    • Server side tracers
      • We’re testing more gameplay logic happening on the server instead of the client, in theory this should give a more consistent experience but there is still a lot of testing and work to be done on it
    • New abilities
      • Surround Parry - Vigilist
        • place a shield around you parrying all incoming attacks
      • Death Explosion - Vypress
        • Imbue your weapon with an effect that is transferred to the next target you hit. When the target is killed they explode dealing damage to nearby targets and healing the vypress
      • Forcepush - Alchemancer
        • This ability was moved from RMB to the F slot and received a rework in the process
    • Objective context
      • Capture point, pushable, flag etc. Everything here is currently undergoing a major overhaul, a lot of it is still WIP
    • Performance improvements, crash fixes


    • Lowered intro video volume
    • Team balance - You can no longer join a team with more players than the other team


    • Reduced melee and parry turn limits
    • Updated Parry box
      • Certain attacks had an easier time getting around the parry box then they should have
      • Parries should now feel a bit more connected
    • Reducing the amount of abilities that break your parry
      • you can now riposte off of more abilities and won’t be locked down by parrying them
    • Removed projectiles putting you in a blocked state when parrying them in close range
    • Set cooldowns to not recharge while dead
    • Reduced turn limit during certain crowd control states
    • Levitate, teleport, pounce, magic carpet, backflip and explosive leap can no longer be interrupted by normal damage

    Parries & Queueing

    • Reworked how attack queues are handled to prevent desyncs
      • This has removed all desyncs in our testing so far
    • Increased active parry time and recovery time slightly
    • you can now parry in recovery of all abilities
    • can now queue certain abilities in recovery IF the ability was successful
    • Improved queueing behaviour for many abilities with a short cast time
    • significantly improved queueing of short cast time abilities

    Movement & Animation

    • Reduced turn limits during melee
    • Decreasing cast time of several abilities across all classes
    • Increased air time and forward speed slightly for wall jumps
    • Fixed base movement being unresponsive when changing direction
    • Reduced air control while vaulting
      • Vaulting can lead to awkward/messy combat, this hopes to ease that a bit
    • Increased travel movement speed
    • Updated all melee animations
    • Wall jump distance + air time slightly increased
    • Added 2 state sprint animations
      • After pressing sprint you accelerate over time to a higher speed, your animation will reflect this change as well


    • Increased size of several phys assets to better encompass the characters
    • increased overheal drain rate
    • Updated Melee damage values
    • Updated player health
    • Reduced max overheal value from 30 to 15
    • Location based damage modifier - Head from 1.25 to 1.15, Lower from 0.8 to 0.85
    • Battlecries can now be cancelled



    • Levitate, reduced cast time, added channeling aftertouch to cancel it.
    • Teleport, reduced range, added forward movement at the end of teleport to help sell the movement and allow for more trickery with air control
    • removed teleport charging


    • Taurants boulder now keeps bouncing for longer if the velocity of the projectile is high enough


    • Vypress dual stab removed and replaced with a normal stab
    • increased dash attack cooldown
    • decreased shadow kick cooldown
    • Shadow Kick, Changed from Normal to Heavy Damage


    • Improved the feel of grapple + follow up attack flow
    • Proxy mines now check for visibility before going off


    • increased impaler range slightly
    • ward strike knockback reworked, fixed camera anim


    • Enabled tattoo glows on Melee ripostes
    • enabled red parry particle on parry break + sound and FX setup for it
    • Overhauled sound effects for Vigilist & Taurant (all abilities)


    • Dev tags - all developers will now have a torn banner flag next to their name
    • Chat
      • Player and VO messages now use the teams colour
      • Adjusted chat colours for all types of messages
      • Fixed long messages getting cut off
      • All symbols are now allowed
    • Options menu
      • VOiP & Audio settings added
      • Improved sensitivity slider
      • Fixed not being able to rebind mouse wheel up/down, movement +more
      • Fixed keybinds disappearing
    • Updates to gamemode UI

    As always there is a lot of updates not represented here and this primarily highlights the gameplay changes made since the last build

    Bug fixes

    • Fixed many abilities not destroying/damaging ability actors when they should
    • Fixed bug where melee camera anims weren’t stopping on cancel
    • Fix for boulder hitting yourself if you hit something immediately upon launching it
    • Fixed score, deaths etc counting in warmup
    • Fixed not being able to spawn after changing teams
    • Players can no longer fire abilities in any direction while in orbit camera view
    • Chat now displays 2 lines of text for longer messages
    • Changing teams inside of your spawn no longer counts as a death

    Known issues

    • AMD Video Driver Crashes (read our support post for possible solutions)
    • FullScreen Mode sometimes crashes on Alt-Tabbing (particularly on Map Loading screens, sometimes Main Menu/Front End)
    • Attempting to rebind Cancel/Feint to RMB currently breaks Parrying (Use the Restore Default button on the Keybind page to default the kebinds)
    • Alchemancer Rocket Trails Effects sometimes missing
    • Alchemancer Rocket and melee animations are placeholder
    • Collision issues on some walls can prevent vaulting or walljumps
    • Sometime Flag effects and HUD icon are not displayed when the flag is picked up
    • Miscellaneous Background Art - some maps have varying levels of completeness
    • Hint System
      • Must enable both Beginner and Advanced hints to see any hints
      • Some placeholder hints are still present
      • “Hint” header may stay on your screen until the map changes, even after hints are disabled

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