Why are maps being removed from official FFA servers?

  • Within the last year we had the option to vote for maps that weren’t part of the standard map rotation (moor, stonehill, arena, etc), maps such as:

    • Mines
    • Frost Peak
    • Courtyard
    • Cistern
    • Bridge
    • Dininghall
    • Darkforest Valley

    Then one day, poof, they’re gone. At least, they became inaccessible to players that are not aware of the votechangemap function in the player console. Those of us aware of this feature are still able to vote for maps like Dininghall, but it’s still a downgrade because now they’re 20 minutes maps again instead of the standard 10 minutes.

    I decided to post this because they completely removed the Volcano map, a map that has been picking up popularity in the community. It was always hidden from the map list, but console votes have become increasingly popular and it gets more positive feedback than Dininghall a lot of the time. I simply can’t fathom why it would be removed. It’s such a great map with a few quirks that make it a unique experience and a change from the norm.

  • Really?..No comment on this?

  • @filthybum I’ll check the maplists for FFA. You are in NA region?

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